An Altered Mother’s Day Box

I found this box in the supermarket on Friday and thought, for £8 I could make it really nice. Here is what I made for my Mum. There was a space to add a photo so I picked one of our cat Scully who died last year.


A Plain Box
A Plain Box

Materials used


The finished box 🙂





January Blues…

It may be because it is January and still cold and dark most days, but I am stuck in a creative rut! Apart from reading more fiction, I feel very unmotivated with my art at the moment and haven’t started looking at list of things to do this year because I know I lack the passion. I have felt like this before, yet it still bothers me. Does anyone else sometimes feel like this? I’m also putting my energies into finding a new job, so that may have something to do with this rut. But normally I hate doing job applications and relish the thought of doing something creative to relieve my brain!
I need a plan to get me back on track! I often carry my journal and pencil case with me and like to draw on my lunch break. But I feel the fear of ‘the blank white page’ and my mind turns void. I need to come up with some tricks to get over this. When I started my journal I told myself it was for drawing only, but that is actually quite restrictive so I write in too. So my first idea is to just fill up a page with words and create a sort of mind-map, just things I think of or that I find interesting. Hopefully it will give my creativity a boost. Another thing that helps is looking on Pinterest, and my favourite posts at the moment are other people’s journals and colleges. If you haven’t been on I suggest you take a look, it is fun just browsing different pictures and topics.
More than anything though, I want to take this pressure I put on myself off and place it in a tiny box, lock it up and burry it in a desert! Nothing good creativity comes from feeling stuck and beating yourself up about it. I find writing my blog helps too, reflecting on my issues and also keeping it up to date. I have come to relish my posts because I know there are people out there who read them and like what I write – which is amazing! I also love to show my completed art projects and show how pleased (or not) I am with what I have made. Well these are my thoughts for today, I am now going to relax, make some dinner and look up something inspiring on Pinterest x

Beautiful Shadow Box :)

Apart from a few small things, my new shadow box is now finished! I am a little torn between making it look ‘complete’ and putting too much into it.shadow

There is already a lot going on! I think this one reflects my personality really well 🙂 I may add some feet to raise it.

Some close ups:

shadow 2 shadow 3

shadow 4

Finished Tray! How I Made It…

I thought it might be fun to make a blog on how I made my very first Printer’s Tray 🙂

I had to banish stressy thoughts about making it perfect, because I knew that would never help me begin! So first I arranged the little boxes where I wanted them and glued them into the tray. Then I covered the sides of tray with patterned paper. With a colour theme in mind I got a mixture of white, red, blue and purple arcylic paint and squished a few big blobs in different corners.

It looks a bit of a mess!

While I was a bit worried about how unblended the paint was, once I started to cover the backgrounds in different papers, the whole colour theme started to emerge. I used tissue tape round the box edges to bring everything together, although this doesn’t stay down that well. I used some pva glue to make it smoother and stick down, especially in the corners where it can get a bit fiddly.

Some of the papers I inked round the sides to give the boxes more depth.

I tried to balance the different colours and patterns of paper I used. I like to mix things up and not have them too symetrical. I was also going for a bit more a muted colour theme to tone down the painted background.

Then comes the fun part: embellishments! I just love adding embellishments to things! I had so many different things for this tray, but wanted to keep to a earthy nature theme as it is for my boyfriend’s parents. Otherwise it would probably be much brighter!

I just started to add pieces and knew I wanted some small prima flowers in one of the biggest boxes. I place a few key things like the light bulbs and metal flower, then just naturally built the whole thing round these. I used metal leaves in gold and bronze, buttons, wooden pieces, a few small bottles I filled with beads, a keyhole, an ornate plate, ribbon, small gift tags, hat pins, lots of glitter and gems 🙂

I also used loads of superglue, especially for the metal pieces.

And here is the finished piece!

A Sneak Peak of my Crafty Masterpiece!

A Sneak Peak of my Crafty Masterpiece!

This is what I have been up to recently, making a printer’s tray 🙂 it is almost complete and I love it! This is a gift but I will be making one for myself soon!

Autumn x

I love this time of year. Yet this I’ve only really realised. It is windy and rainy and colds ruin riot, yet autumn is gorgeous. The trees turn a stunning mixture of crimson, cherry, rusty brown hues, auburn, tinted yellows and oranges. The air smells earthy and fresh, the evenings get noticeably shorter. I love being wrapped up in my big coat, fluffy knitted scarf, cute hat and gloves, anticipating Halloween and Bonfire Night with toffee apples, pumpkin pie, eating hotdogs round a bonfire and watching the fireworks.


It reminds me of going back to university for a new term; everything is new with possibility about what we will learn and read. I love the shapes of leaves on the ground, the conkers, even the little insects and spiders trying to find a home in my bedroom!


Near the university where I work the trees have been changing and I’ve tried to capture these with my camera phone. I will get a new camera one day, but these are the best I could do before the leaves all fall. I find it inspires me, looking at the contrasts on colours and shapes against the blue sky.


I’m not sure why I’m so surprised that I really love this time of year. I guess partly because I really wished I lived somewhere warm, dreaming of a tropical paradise. In retrospect this was probably due to unhappy circumstances where I lived and the desire to escape to some dramatic, exotic place as far away as possible. I despised the mundane routines of everyday life. Yet it was watching others around me that made it seem worse.

 Well, I have come along way from feeling that way. I’ve realised that beauty is all around us (as cheesy as it sounds) and even the smallest leaf on the ground can inspire. Inspire me to change my outlook, to think of new ideas for art projects, to appreciate the world I live in and not the world I create in my mind so often. x

A Beautiful Shadow Box For Catherine x

I just finished making this wooden box/ drawer for my sister Catherine and absolutely love it! (If I do say so myself!)

I started with a blank wooden box shaped as a book with a secret drawer. I had a few ideas but started with the front first, so I could get an idea for how to make the inside. I was thinking of making it a drawer to put keepsakes and trinkets in, but I also wanted it to be on display and with the draw on the side that would be a bit difficult.

So I decided to go for a simple shadow box, knowing she likes cute small things! I used two Tim Holtz bottles, one has a tiny message on paper, the other I filled with pretty beads. I then made a tiny book from patterned paper and card, and glued that down. I added lots of embellishements and covered a small piece of card with fabric to give the items a bit of hight.

As I like the paper in the background a lot, I didn’t want to cover it up too much. I hope she likes it 🙂 I am very pleased with how it came out – even if managed to glue my fingers together more than once!!

Ps. Sorry if the pictures are blurry, my camera broke so I’ve been taking photos on my phone!

Becoming Who You Are Meant To Be

I’ve not been writing this blog long, only a few months, but I’ve found I am developing my own style and niche for myself. This is like a self discovery and reminded me of the things I value and are important in life. I often forget and getting sucked down into self loathing or seeing the negatives of things. This has been especially true since I’ve been ill for about three weeks and not been able to do the things I like as much (yet still dragging myself to work!).

However, by writing my blogs, creating this little space to express myself and meet fellow bloggers with similar dreams, I feel as if I am moving towards that person I was always meant to be. It is the small things that give depth and meaning to life, whatever they might be for people. For me, noticing some small flowers growing outside, reading a book and really challenging my mind, painting my nails bright colours, even having a tidy throughout the flat gives me a sense of contentment and completeness. And I stop fretting so much of things I have very limited control.

As I have started to feel better I am hoping this weekend will be filled with lots of creating. I really want to make a crumble! I like to cook but rarely do. I also want to continue with my sins painting, and start a new altered project and a pressie for my little sister. She’s going to be 17 soon and already started her A-levels! I have lots of ideas for this project 🙂

Hope everyone has something to enjoy too x