Autumn Musings & Makings

Art, Embroidery

Here are a few things I’ve been working on over October and November. I really wanted to get back into sculpting so made a derpy pumpkin for Halloween! Then I decided to try making a poison apple. I got these cool plastic eyes but they were much smaller than I thought!

I also finally finished my anatomical heart embroidery – it was a bit of a slog because I added more flowers around the heart to give it more depth, as well as adding beads and sequins. I love the little spider!

I’ve been brushing up on my baking skills with a new mixer and the last week have made Oreo brownies and chocolate marble cupcakes. Tasty! As usual my little helper Truffles was on hand for a bit of inspiration.

Since moving house my monster plant I made a while ago got a bit damaged, so I have been working on new leaves and a better pot for him. I really loved working on a big project like this, I need to this of more.


Halloween: Wednesdays’ Dolls

Creativity, Halloween

I wish every day was Halloween!

For my Halloween art project this year I thought I would try something different.

I love films, film props, costumes, kitsch and pop culture; and of course Halloween. I’ve been interested in art dolls for a while, reading up about making them and finding new doll artists online. In September I found some old dolls in a charity shop – 3 for £5 because the guy working there found them creepy!

Doll One – Ava the Corpse Bride

For my first doll I wanted to make a corpse bride. I actually removed her head to paint it, which I quickly realised wasn’t the best idea – it was so difficult to sew back on!

doll apart

I used acrylic to paint her blue and a fine liner pen to draw details on her face. I cut off her hair and sewed her head back onto her body using fabric wrapped round the head and head area. For her dress, I had some white cotton fabric which I soaked in watered down black and blue acrylic paint to get a distressed look. I find hand sewing difficult and laborious, but sewed the fabric to her body and wrapped strips round the arms. I layered white organza over this and for a veil I hot glue gunned some organza to a piece of wire and wrapped it around a few times. I glued some fabric flowers around the head and painted these blues and purples.

My corpse bride went through a few alterations on her look – her white hair made me think of the Bride of Frankenstein so I added some stitches but later painted over them. I painted her eyes red and added some fake lashes for detail.

Doll Two – Alice the Demon Nun

Because my first doll was pretty much experimental, I was able to approach my second doll with more knowledge. I didn’t remove her head and used a plastic coat spray before painting her as a primer. I painted her face with a few coats of white and then painted her eyes black, adding red into the white for extra creepiness. I used the fine liner pen to add detail on the eyes and some stitches across her lips.

demon girl face

I cut up her original dress and used it as a makeshift pattern to cut out her new dress from black cotton. This was actually easier than the first doll but I would love a sewing machine to do it properly!

I ordered some doll hair in black and purple online and was really happy with it – I used the glue gun and layered it around her head. I painted her limbs white and added black to the hands. I had to sew her little habit to her head and glue it underneath to keep it from moving. I was really pleased with the silver cross I found in all my beads and metal charms – think it gives her an extra touch of creepiness!

Friday Addams – the Other Addams!

Friday is a complete brat. She is Wednesday and Pugsley’s cousin and when she comes to stay at the Addams family home, she just runs riot with her demands!

Every day is Halloween for Friday, her favourite day of the year, and if she doesn’t get what she wants she becomes a homicidal maniac! This time she demanded a Black spiderweb cake, carved pumpkins and Wednesday’s dolls – all her Tea Party Séance! And all the sweets for herself of course.

Friday truly believes the dolls have past lives. Ava was murdered on her wedding night when her new husband cut out her heart in a jealous rage. Alice was a 16th century nun, sacrificed by the other sisters to the devil to save themselves. Friday wants to contact the spirits of the dolls at her tea party and god help us if she doesn’t get her own way!

An Assortment of Polymer Clay Creations

Polymer Clay

It may be getting darker and colder now, but I love October and I love Halloween! I am a sucker for all Halloween things in the shops at the moment – toffee apples, plastic spiders to scare people, green and ghoulish sweets!

I decided to make some cute Halloween themed charms which I made into earrings. These are now up in my Etsy shop. I also made this cute pumpkin ornament which I love. I found a tutorial online and adapted it a little to make mine. I plan to make a whole pumpkin patch!

I’m still making little creature tins and tried to made a gradient octopus, from a translucent green into copper. He was being a bit awkward though, I think his head is a strange shape! i added the resin last night and woke up to find the tin had stuck to my drawers! Whooops! I spent 10 minutes trying to carefully pries it free with one of my clay tools.

Halloween Weekend!


Halloween was really fun AND I had Friday off! We went to see The Book of Life, carved pumpkins and used the insides to make pumpkin pie, we watched trashy horror films including the original Fly and the 70s Invasions of the Bodysnatchers (which is still amazing). I’ve got The Rocky Horror Pictureshow and Basketcase to watch!