Shabby Chic Style Configurations Book & Video!

This is a something I made recently for my sister’s birthday. I had the theme of ‘shabby chic’ in mind as that is something she likes. It was lots of fun to make, although I would like to find a better way to prep chipboard as it did warp a little.

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December Art Journal Challenge – Glitter

I had an idea of two birds flying in this page, and then incorporating a lot of different glitter, but it didn’t go the way I intended! Glitter is hard to work with, although I am sure there are techniques I don’t actually know about. I had red and gold glitter tubes – some were the little stars (which got everywhere!).

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December Art Journal Challenge

I have wanted to get back into my art journaling having felt a little bit like I’ve neglected it and yet have loads of ideas to express and techniques to try out. So, my lovelies! I am setting myself an Art Journal Challenge for December. And this is what I aim to achieve:

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Victorian Curios Shadow Box

Here is my finished shadowbox. When creating it I had the idea of a Victorian Curios box in mind and the black really brings all the intricate pieces together. I think it is the little details that draw me to things like this. I am putting this up in my Etsy shop and am looking forward to my next media challenge.

Curios box