Fun With Fabric Pens – Tutorial

finished doodle bagGetting my lovely Nook recently (which I’m obsessed with) meant I needed some kind of case, but was pretty disappointed with the choices. I picked up a plain grey pouch to keep it in and had an irresistible urge to make it pretty. This gave me the excuse to buy some fabric pens and doodle some designs!

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Feed Your Mind ~ Journal Page

feed journal

A page I have been working on over the last few days. I wanted to try different things out in this smaller art journal and with a pink page, thought a girl’s face would work. I added the leaf punches and pictures of sweets half way through the doodle to give it a different affect, and the doodles coming from her head made me think of a mind open to ideas.

A Spontaneous Doodle Page

A Spontaneous Doodle Page

A free-style doodle page on a mixed sprayed background. I wanted to try some new combination of colours and love how the orange bleeds into the red and purple. I used a stencil with black sprays across the bottom and right side, then using a larger black pen, drew a random squiggle across the pages. Using that as a base, I began filling out the rest of the page.

An October Weekend

After a stressful week and feeling overwhelmed and a little melancholic, I decided to get some flowers for my room. I think yellow is my favourite colour and I have embraced my love of plants, flowers and nature.

yellow roses

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