Creative Block :(

For the last few weeks I’ve felt very frustrated with my art. I’ve felt this way many times before, yet it always seems to be difficult to dig myself out of a rut. I’m not even sure why because I still have my Vanity painting to finish and a collage I started for my friend Sharon. My Mum and Sister coming to visit took up a few days, but even with some new goodies (lovely beads :D) I don’t feel very inspired or motivated.

I wish I could be more chilled about it and say it is a normal phase, things will pick up again soon, but instead I end up fretting! I am my own worst critic. My brain is constantly fighting between being creative and being critical. This does not lead to anything productive! Part of me thinks I should step away for a while and not force myself to do art for the sake of it. It is meant to be my place of solace and it could soon end up feeling like a chore. Yet another part of me frets that when I’m not doing anything creative and arty I will lose it, lose my creativity altogether.

My mind is in a bit of a pickle….