Inspirations & Sweet Things

I’ve been quite unwell recently with a sinus infection. Mostly been sleeping, feeling sorry for myself and watching a lot of nature programmes! I’ve also been doing a lot of art journaling and over the last few months I’ve found a lot of inspiration online through other artists work. I am obsessed with Pinterest!

This made me think of doing a series of blog posts on inspiration once a month. I am definitely a person who goes through phases of struggling with a creative block. It is almost like I have either too many ideas or none at all. So I am going to put up some themes and tips about this in the next few months.

Here are a few things I purchased and have felt inspired by over July and August:Art Books

My interest in Gothic art has been growing and bought Weirdo Noir which is a beautiful and informative book on contemporary pop Gothic art. It features lots of contemporary artists doing work in comics, illustration and is a refreshing change to all the shit candy pop stuff you see in mainstream day to day life. As I am also exploring sculpture, I am fascinated with art dolls and bought The Doll Scene which is full of gorgeous handmade dolls by interesting mixed media artists across the world. I love art books in general but thought I needed something a bit different to inspire me to go in a new direction.

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Needle Felting Critters… And Pain!

I’ve wanted to try this for ages! And I admit I was frustrated at first because my creations weren’t as good as I wanted. Duh! The two owls were my first try at animals, then the bunny which I think is OK but a bit square!

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Lovely Embroidery and Things

I’ve been busy with this skull embroidery recently, which was pretty much a free hand sketch, then stitching as I went along. I really like this material, although it seemed to overpower the image a lot so I decided to fill the outside with long and short stitches.

I also got a new resource book for more advanced techniques, this adorable mini embroidery kit (which I wanted for ages) and felting! That is on my list next, I can’t wait to create super cuteness with wool!

Organising and Such Like x

Since getting out the sewing machine (AKA Bettie) to mend my boyfriend’s jeans, I have refreshed my knowledge and skills and found loads of new projects I want to do, including a roll up for my knitting needles.  I’ve been making a few purses to get back into things, and decided it was time to sort all my sewing things out.

I have a cute box for all my sewing bits, and haven’t really looked through it for about a year. One way to organise everything was to label the separate drawers which makes it quick and easy to find things I need, instead of hunting around for ages. I’ve tried to organise most of my craft and art materials into similarly related things, like flowers and ribbons or metal embellishments.

While I don’t currently have masses of space to do my creating, I have also found that having a bit of a spring clean is good when tidying up your materials, throwing out random stuff that you maybe thought was useful but really isn’t ( I found a lot of chopped pieces of fabric I won’t use).

I haven’t yet sorted my fabrics out but that is the next thing to do. As my pile isn’t huge, I’m sure they would fit into a shoe box or something similar possibly clear so I can see from a glance the colours and patterns I have. I may have to invest in some new fabric soon though, my pile is dwindling 🙂 some shopping always sparks my creativity and even pushes it into overload!

Next on list: some fabric to make curtains 😀