Paper Flowers and Mixed Media Project

I’ve been having a bit of creative slump with my projects so I decided to just go take my own advice and make anything! I got this lovely Paper Poetry cherry blossom kit a little while ago so I decided to try it out.

At first I found it frustrating as it was quite fiddly and I’ve not been working with paper for a long time. But my flowers got better and making them was more about breaking my annoying creative brick wall.


I’ve been doing a lot of embroidery projects the last few months and this was one of my biggest influences on my next project. I had bought a copper S shape from Hobbycraft a few months ago as I wanted to add some interesting wall art to my new craft room. I had a vague idea of adding wire and beads to it, so I just opened my box of embellishments and beads and started.

Of course my little friend Dr Truffles wanted to see what was going on as well!

When I ran out of colourful wire, I started using some black twine and tying parts of it in knots. I added beads, metal charms, paper flowers, anything I could find that I thought went together well. love how it turned out!

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Life, Creative Ruts and Days Out

I’ve had some creative blocks recently, and with other things going on in my life, it’s been over a month since my last blog post. And who knows how it is June already?! It’s only just started to get warm here in Manchester, May seemed to be a lot of rain.

I recently added a page about creativity and creative blocks, a topic I have been thinking about for a while. I also decided to take my own advice and went for a walk a few weeks ago to the Southern cemetery near where I live. Getting away from my desk was a good way to stop worrying about any creative blocks. It was quiet and peaceful with so many bluebells. I sat down on a bench and woke up some sleepy ducks – they gave me a heart attack being surrounded by old gravestones in the quiet!

It was serene and a lovely place to think, walk around and having a break from technology. I also went to Blackpool last week, somewhere I have never been. The weather was beautiful and the breeze from the sea was a nice relief from the sun – I still managed to get sunburnt, whoops! It was full of arcade places, fish and chip shops, tacky gift shops and I thought it was so much fun. My friend and I went to the Sealife centre there so I could continue my sea creature obsession. I loved the rays, seahorses and I got to see a nautilus. They are cool and weird!

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Damn You, Creative Block!

I am having a serious case of ‘creative block’ and it is beyond frustrating.

my motivation to pick up a pen, play around with my art stash or even look for inspiration has dried up completely and I am stressing out! I am even finding reading, or concentrating on reading hard right now and I can’t seem to pinpoint why.

I know I overreact when this happens, and it has happened many times before.Other stresses in life bleed over into my free time and stick in my brain, feeding a deep anxiety. Usually art is an escape for me. I get the spark of an idea and must go and explore it at once. But right now, I have no desire to make anything.

I wonder how long it will last. It always seems like forever, every time it happens. Because it seems to have left a hole in my time, I am forcing myself to at least do something constructive and add to my CV/ job skills. Not the most interesting thing ever, but maybe if I worry less about my creative block, it will soon disappear.

Any thoughts or advice would be most welcome 🙂


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Creative Block :(

For the last few weeks I’ve felt very frustrated with my art. I’ve felt this way many times before, yet it always seems to be difficult to dig myself out of a rut. I’m not even sure why because I still have my Vanity painting to finish and a collage I started for my friend Sharon. My Mum and Sister coming to visit took up a few days, but even with some new goodies (lovely beads :D) I don’t feel very inspired or motivated.

I wish I could be more chilled about it and say it is a normal phase, things will pick up again soon, but instead I end up fretting! I am my own worst critic. My brain is constantly fighting between being creative and being critical. This does not lead to anything productive! Part of me thinks I should step away for a while and not force myself to do art for the sake of it. It is meant to be my place of solace and it could soon end up feeling like a chore. Yet another part of me frets that when I’m not doing anything creative and arty I will lose it, lose my creativity altogether.

My mind is in a bit of a pickle….