Halloween: Wednesdays’ Dolls

Horror Dolls

I wish every day was Halloween!

For my Halloween art project this year I thought I would try something different.

I love films, film props, costumes, kitsch and pop culture; and of course Halloween. I’ve been interested in art dolls for a while, reading up about making them and finding new doll artists online. In September I found some old dolls in a charity shop – 3 for £5 because the guy working there found them creepy!

Doll One – Ava the Corpse Bride

For my first doll I wanted to make a corpse bride. I actually removed her head to paint it, which I quickly realised wasn’t the best idea – it was so difficult to sew back on!

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It’s My Birthday!

Another year older but definitely not wiser! Haha! My sister came up to Manchester and we went on a tour of all things cute pretty much – Richmond’s Tea Room which is Alice in Wonderland themed (!) Manchester art gallery, Manchester cathedral, shops that were open (as it is Easter Sunday) and had lots of cake, coffee, gifts and yummy bath bombs from Lush! A fun day to celebrate turning 31 😀