Art Journaling Pages & Video

This week I’ve been getting back back into art journaling and plan to finish this A5 journal so I can start a lovely new one. I have some new art materials to use including soft pastels which I used on the enchanted page and some Perfect Pearls which I mixed with water and painted onto the owl page.

I’ve gone back to drawing over a black gesso background and I love the effect. For the space doodle page I used a restricted pallet of white, blue and purple. I’ve been thinking of new themes and ideas for my pages and space seemed like a vast and visual topic. I did this page as a stream of consciousness just adding stars and words but I might look for some similar themes for my next page.

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Puzzles ~ Art Journaling Tutorial

I recently did a poll on the blog asking what tutorials people would like to see and the majority by a long way was art journals. I’ve wanted to do some journaling for ages but with work, life and my other projects going on I never seemed to get the time. So thinking of a tutorial was a good way to get back into it.

I had the idea for a while of doing a page with puzzle pieces and got a 1000 piece puzzle from a charity shop. One thing I love about art journaling is how free form and personal it is and that it is about expression and enjoying using different materials. Here are a list of materials I used but it is entirely up to you:

  • Dylusions A4 Art Journal
  • Dylusions Sprays
  • Modge Podge
  • Puzzle Pieces
  • Posca Paint Pens
  • random card pieces, stamps, paper
  • Tim Holtz Distress Stickles
  • Claudine Hellmuth Studio Black Gesso

I even forgot I had a brand new Dylusions Journal to play with! First things first:


Once you have all your materials, lay your page out and place paper underneath each page. I used old newspaper. Then I sprayed my page with water from a spray bottle to get the paper damp before randomly spraying my inks. Do whatever comes naturally.

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I Love Skulls!

I’ve been obsessing with the idea of art journaling skulls for ages but finally just got my stash out and did it – and I really love what I have created!

The first page I used black primer and used my favourite Posca Pens to draw the skull and doodles. I added a few gems as well.

The second page  I had a background already sprayed and drew a skull shape with a pencil first before going in with my pens again. I used some die cut flowers and punched leaves and hearts which I love.

These large bulldog clips are great for art journaling – as your journal gets fatter it can be tricky to get the fresh pages to stay flat. I highly recommend these!

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New Journal Challenge

So, since dealing with my creative rut and then having to move, I decided it is time to plan some art and see if this gets my mind working again. I have a new table and pretty much sorted my supplies in my new place. I just need some focus and motivation to get started. One technique for this I felt worked before is setting out some goals and adding restrictions. And in the next few weeks I aim to do three pages:

  • A minimal colours page – two or three only
  •  A Silhouette page
  • A layered and heavily textured page

I haven’t decided whether to do these in my large journal – which is bursting from being saturated but has a lot of pages left – or the smaller one. Both have restrictions which are useful in giving yourself boundaries, as well as scope depending on the page you decide to make. I tend to work in an organic way, so will wait until I start and size up both journals.

Something to look forward to!


Upcoming Projects

I’ve been focusing on art journaling lately, and in my small art journal which I am really enjoying. I think having a smaller area to work in actually gives you more freedom because you can work with the space and build on ideas as you work. Sometimes in a bigger journal, you are faced with a much more space to incorporate into a whole and it can be overwhelming. I would probably suggest to anyone starting an art journal for the first time to go some something small, although sometimes it depends on the kind of materials you love working with and the themes you want to express.

I have two new projects I am planning to start in the next, the first being a wall hanging made from a piece of wood. I am going to paint it black and have a bold sentence in glitter across it. I want to change up my style in my room as I am little bored with it at the moment and think it needs a Spring revamp.

The other project I want to start is a bird sculpture with Fimo, foil and wire. I have an idea in my head of maybe making a toucan, those birds are really cute and colourful, but I think I will sit down at my desk next weekend and play around with some material first. I find this is the best way to get back into  something when it has been a while, get a feel for the materials and how to mould them together.

I’ve always got some kind of journal page in mind during the week so will be doodling and playing around with ideas. Sometimes I enjoy this more than making a finished piece, because it is relaxed and something I do purely for the love of it.

Pushing Mixed Media and Finding Your Style

As I continue my passion for mixed media I have discovered I want to push the different mediums and the pages, testing them to find interesting images. I am into layering, texture, colour and movement at the moment and these have become part of my overall style.

I want to see how much the paper can take with sprays, water, paint, collage and now with a modelling paste that dries to a stone texture. What elements does this add to the piece? How does it pull together or push apart the overall page? How does it relate to the subject of the page?

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Art Journal Page Stars

Latest journaling page
journaling page

I recently got black and white Dylusions sprays and a large stars stencil which I was dying to play around with, and this is the end result. I wanted to add layers to this page and the floating flowers give an interesting touch. As I created the face on the right I kept thinking how it reminded me of someone asleep, there thoughts drifting onto the other side of the page. As I like to incorporate text into my pages I wrote across the dreamers face. But you can’t really tell if it is a dream or a nightmare. It wasn’t until I had almost finished this that I realised it is quite autumnal, which I like.

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