Storing Art Supplies

Here are a few ideas and tips from my own experience of trying to organise and store my ever increasing supplies of art and craft materials. I live in one room so my main goal is to maximise order so I can find things while keeping things safe in a small space.


Clear plastic boxes are very helpful for all your different bits because you can see what is in them and they are easy to stack. I use these for paints and my new stamp carving items. Smaller ones are great for things like beads, charms, and small tools like pliers. For bigger items I use gift boxes which I find are quite sturdy and use these for sprays, ink pads, ribbons, punches.

When it comes to paper I recommend keeping it flat. I have an A2 shallow box for papers and some small sketchbooks. This keeps it out of the way and you don’t end up with it getting crumpled. I also keep my stencils in here. I recent bought a plastic tower of drawers for things like primers, glue, and my smaller boxes and it has made a big difference to my room. I can find things easily and my room is clutter free when not doing any crafting.



Now it may seem a bit over the top but I find labeling my boxes really useful. I sometimes forget what I have, so even in a clear box, being able to see what is in it if it is on my wardrobe for example, makes life easier. I also just like labels!


I really like glass jars for storing things like buttons and brushes. Food jars, like cookie ones are cute and not too expensive, but you can also get smaller ones and use them for extra decorating like me!

Cute Jars


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