Well Hello Sunshine!


This past week has been just crazy but gorgeous weather. All over the UK we have been experiencing what appears to be a heat wave, and when British people see a tiny bit of sun they go nuts! It has also been Graduations at work, which is still continuing this week so I have been super mega busy (I do get to do some overtime too which is good for money!). All I did last week was work, eat and sleep! However I had a lovely relaxing weekend to enjoy the sunshine, swim, do some art journalling and meet my friends for coffee and cinema 🙂

I went to a place near where I live that has a beautiful garden and wondered about with my camera, stopping to look at the different flowers and trees. It would be a great place to come and read a book. Lots of people were out sunbathing or walking dogs, and it made me really want a bike too!

Here are some of the photos:


bench daisy seats seats2 seats3 stone thing red flowers P1010390 P1010377 yellow flower

Smash Book and Other Nonsense x

I thought I would put up a small post with some things I have been doing recently. The first is an A3 sketchbook I was covering, although I seemed to run out of ideas half way through! So it is still a work in progress.


The second is my Smash book I bought for my birthday which I am just obsessed with. I have only doodled on the front cover and sort of started a page without a main idea, which is what Smash books are all about, but my art journaling and shadow boxes have been my focus for the last two months really so I feel I have neglected my Smash book. I have been collecting things for it though, whenever I find something interesting in a magazine.

Smash book smash book2

Well that is all for now guys, have a great week!

Discoveries, Intuition and Inspiration

I’ve been wanting to dedicate more time to my art blog and have been thinking about different ways I want to develop it and enrich the content, but alas work and recent bad headaches have pushed Cherryblossom into the background recently. Summer graduations are happening at the University I work at soon which means lots of overtime for me (yay!) but no time for much else (boo!).

While I haven’t spend much time this week on my art projects or journal, I have been reading new books and browsing the web for art inspiration – which is addictive! Of course I keep going back to Pinterest, and the more pictures I find the more different boards I create. I love looking at other people’s work as well and found the following lovely blogs through Pinterest:

I also bought The Bird King by Shaun Tan, who is a wonderful and dreamy artist. I recommend everyone check out his work, which is a mixture of fantasy, animals and machines. I love this one:



Sometimes when I decide to create a project or art page I just go on an idea and see where it goes, which is relying on intuition. A part of me knows there is no wrong way to make something because even if I made a mistake, I can always fix it in a way. Yet I don’t even think something can be a mistake really. When I was coming up with my ideas for the nautical shadow box I had a very small matchstick type box and sprayed it a shimmery blue-green. When I got the little wooden boat it was ever so slightly bigger than the box. Crap! I had to use a bigger box. But what would I do with this one now it had already been sprayed? Playing around with some paper, I started to over it in small strips and decided it would make a great secret box for a mini album (pictures to come soon!). I started to decorate it with a woodland theme in mind and measured some chipboard to fit into the box. So even though it seemed like I had made a mistake, I was able to use that.

I found out about a creative writing competition at Manchester Met and have decided to enter. It has been ages since I’ve done any creative writing but I remembered that I really enjoyed it. I did some creative writing at University, and this is for a short story of 2,500 words or less. The prize is £10,000 so that is my incentive! I could buy loads of art supplies with that!

So it looks like I will be really busy over the next few weeks but I am going to squeeze time in for a new art journal page and finish the matchbox and mini album very soon. Watch this space guys!

Art Journal Pages

Here are some art journal pages I have been doing recently, trying out different materials and seeing how I can play with them to create something. The first one I decided to rip a mixture of papers up and glued them to the page, before spraying and painting over the top. I like the textures this created. The second picture I wanted to create a blue page so sprayed a mixture of green and blues and water onto the page and I had some cute fish postcard which I cut out and stuck onto the page. While it isn’t as good as I did hope (it is quite difficult to draw onto the shimmery spray) I am quite happy with it as it is about the process rather than the overall piece and just doing these pages has given me lots of inspiration.

art journal2

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Mixed Media Is a Blessing And a Curse!

I finally feel like I am finding my way into my mixed media art journal. While it is something I’ve wanted to do for ages, I was struggling to get a balance between ideas for a page and playing with my material. Sometimes I would have it open on a blank page and not really have any what I was going to do. This was frustrating at first, and I’ve often had the ‘fear of the blank page’ but I seem to have moved past it and after playing around with different embellishments, paints and sprays I end up with an idea to explore. Part of me still holds onto the notion that it has to be an amazing piece, but I am trying to let go. That isn’t the point of an art journal, and specifically my intent was just to explore mixed media materials and enjoy the creating process, finding interesting combinations and creating different effects.

One way I have decided to create pages is through themes. The underwater page came to me after I had sprayed the blue and greens on, but I want to try more abstract themes like Memory, Escape and Enchantment. I am sure I could brainstorm a lot just from those words. I have been working on a few other things as well, including the trinket box and a mini scrapbook album. Photos are to come very soon!

New Art Pages


I have been so productive with my art journal, I think because I’m really excited to be using my new materials! This one looks quite dark, I think because I used so many things on the page, including grunge paste which I scrapped into, then dylusions sprays, acrylic paint, pen, and grunge paper I die cut into the flowers, butterflies and hearts. I am still quite happy the way it came out as I think it is quite interesting and gave me the opportunity to play with my art and enjoy the process much more.

mannix page 3

I love the colours of this page (which I scanned in) and I used the grunge paste more sparingly with a stencil to get a different effect. I also made my second video of me making this which you can watch here:

Second Art Film

I’d love to hear what you think!

Journaling and Scrapping Obsessions…

I’ve had a pretty hectic week recently so I was glad to book a few days off this coming week and have a four day weekend. I’ve already planned my days as indulging in my new journaling and scrapbooking obsessions! I got a Smashbook and just adore it, even though I have done one page! It is luscious. I think I need to have more focus on the kind of pages I want to make, although the page I have done was experimental and fun to play around with. I’m going to put up some pictures soon. I’ve also been having fun with mixed media in my art journal and my room just looks like it has exploded when I have everything out! I don’t have much space so I use a laptop table and have my materials and tools in boxes around my bed. One day I would really like a whole craft room!

I’ve felt a little under the weather recently, possibly a bit stressed, but am hoping this will go as I really enjoyed making my art video last weekend and am planning another. I have borrowed some equipment from work (handy working in Media!) and am going to make one showing how I do an art journal page. This time I will have more of a solid idea in mind, maybe a theme or word to build an image from. I am enjoying using different mediums and textures and how I can combine them for different effects. I’ve got a few other ideas for projects I have been thinking about for ages, so I am going to busy on my blog again! I’ve found blogging a cathartic experience and gained so much through connecting with other liked minded people. I think it is a great way to share your passions and interests, but also an interesting way to journal your life. I keep a written diary too which I wish I would write in more. Thank you to everyone who takes time to read and comment on my posts, it means a lot x

The World Is Still Beautiful

Sometimes it is easy to let sudden and difficult challenges in your life overwhelm you. You run for cover from the intense, negative feelings and pray they won’t swallow you whole. Yet I’ve come a realisation that, no matter how gut-wrenching fear, sadness and uncertainty can be, it won’t kill me. There is a survivor in me that will always push and fight for hope. In the wake of my recent break up I been thinking of the little things that make life wonderful and remind myself that there are so many fascinating and beautiful things in the world. Here are a few that are getting me back to myself:

• My new plant (see picture)
• Spring has begun and flowers are out, bees, butterflies. The sun is here too!
• Painting my nails bright colours
• A fresh new book to begin
• Making new friends
• My own space to relax in – quietness
• Birds singing
• Early morning swim
• A new diary for writing and doodles
• A bed filled with cushions and fluffy teddies!
• Exploring a new place
• Finding a Hobbycraft store

The Start of a Different Life…

This last month has been a difficult time. I broke up with my boyfriend and moved out of our flat together, staying with a friend until I found a new place. I moved a week ago and am now settling into a nice houseshare, getting my things unpacked and trying to find a new way forward. It has been full of sadness, regret, anger, fear, anxiety, and some potential meltdowns. But, it was also the best thing to do for myself. I am in a transition from being completely part of another person’s life to finding a new and unexpected one, which is exciting and full of possiblities. One thing I never realised until now is how many people really care about me and offered such love and support during this time. I celebrated my 29th birthday and started thinking about the new things I want to do, focusing on the new life I will create for myself.
Break ups are always hard. No one can really tell you how to get through them, every person is different. But being kind to yourself is a start. Giving yourself time and space, to grieve your losses and heal. It has taken me a while to understand this and I am no stranger to break ups. But it doesn’t mean they dont hurt just as much.
I miss my art and creating. And my blog. Once I have settled in my new place, my room is my own and filled with all the things I love and inspire me, I will start some new projects. It is one of the things that really helps me get through challenging parts of life. And I will put some things up on here. That is all for now.

Night readers x

Some Cool Things To Come…

I’ve been meaning to write this post for a while but I got struck with the lurgie last week and felt like my head was trapped in some kind of fish tank. Thank god for the weekend! Time for some recovery art making and fun. I am thinking of making a cake, maybe a rainbow cake if I can a.) be bothered with all the coloured layers and b.) have enough tins! I also want to do some paper mache, painting and drawing in my journal, as well as see a film – Flight looks good, but I also haven’t seen Django Unchained yet (film geek!).
I’m really pleased with all the great comments I have had recently on my art journal pictures – I love getting any feedback on my stuff and especially when it is so positive. I think I am allowing myself to experiment more with different styles and ideas, not being too caught up in perfecting anything and having fun. It is refreshing! And it seems to generate more creativity too as my brain is all fired up and ready to burst onto the page 🙂
Another really cool thing is that I reached 500 likes on the blog – that is super sweet! Thank you to everyone that takes the time to check out my rambles and pictures. My blog has definitely grown into something I didn’t really imagine, but that is half the fun and satisfaction of doing it. Having people like it too is a great bonus.
I have some more post ideas coming up soon on art, therapy and creating, just need to brew them up a little before they are ready… laters x

Inspiring Blogger :D


Wow, I just got this nomination from http://ourcloudlounge.com/ – thank you!


1.) Display the award logo on your blog.
2.) Link back to the person who nominated you.
3.) State 7 things about yourself.
4.) Nominate 15 bloggers for this award.
5.) Notify those bloggers of the nomination by linking to one of their specific posts so that they get notified by ping back.

The 7 Things about myself
1. I am obsessed with cute and funny animals
2. I love reading.
3. I have a sweet tooth.
4. My dream place to visit would be India.
5. I am a film snob – but did study it for an MA!
6. I hope to own a pug one day.
7. I have two younger sisters but don’t exactly act my age!

The 15 Great Bloggers
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