Printing Fabric & Cherry Cola Dreams

I’ve been busy recently making bags with loads of lovely fabric, while also doing some smaller embroidery pieces.

After reading about designing fabric I decided to try it out and this is my latest bag, designed and created by me!


I started with the beetle watercolour I painted as a new header to this blog and put it in Photoshop to cut it out and sharpen up the colours. I found a company through another blog called Fashion Formula that print designs for a reasonable price and got a fat quarter printed with the pattern of my beetle reflected.

I was super excited to get my finished material! I had already decided to make a bag with the fabric as it was a good length piece. I bought some orange and black strap material and found an orange paisley design fabric in my stash that would be great for the lining. I also wanted to create a zip pocket for my bag and bough a 5 inch chunky zip with a cute yellow flower print for the inside lining.

This is my first bag using D rings for the straps and I really like how they turned out. I also added a small swivel clasp on the side of the bag with ribbon to attach a keyring or charm.

I am really happy with how my beetle bag came out. I think I would have made the straps a bit thicker, but the quality of the print is wonderful and is the ultimate in unique style!

Cherry Cola Dreams

I’ve been running this blog for six years now and it has changed a lot since I started. I’ve wanted to create something new related to my art for a while and decided to let this happen organically. I still enjoy blogging and sharing my work, but I want to focus more on a specific area and really develop my skills and styles in textiles.

This is how my new website Cherry Cola Dreams came to be. I wanted somewhere to showcase my work and sell it, starting fresh with new ideas and styles. I want it to be fun, whimsical, bright and show my own take on all things I love that are kitsch, tacky, lowbrow and pop art related.

I feel energised and excited about this new project in the making. It is starting off small as I am doing everything myself but I get great feedback from my work through social media and hope this will too.

Metal Purse Frames & Zipper Purses


I had a sewing machine about 7 years ago and really got into sewing things. But, as life gets in the way and you move house and jobs and stuff, I stopped sewing and gave my sewing machine to my sister.

I’ve always wanted to get back into it and having a spare room with space was a good reason to get a new sewing machine. I bought the Brother LS14 Metal Chassis sewing machine at Christmas and it is a great machine at a really good price.

Of course now I have an excuse to get sewing supplies! I got different fat quarters, zips, threads and sparkly embellishments from Hobbycraft. I already had a lot of sewing stash but too much is never enough!

Here a few of my recent projects I’ve been making. Some metal framed coin purses which I think are so cute and then as a challenge, I sewed some zipper purses as well and found a cool tutorial on YouTube by Gretchen Hirsch. She’s my new craft lady crush! I need to check out her books.

Because Hobbycraft is like a sweet shop to me, I also got a plain wooden box and decorated it to keep all my threads nice and tidy. As if I don’t already have a million projects on the go!

With this new craft added to my ever increasing crafty hobbies, I’ve been rearranging my art space and put up a shelf for useful items I need to grab when I start sewing. I loved making the zipped purses as well. The first one came out a little crooked but I think I have the hang of it now, and preparing everything before sewing is definitely a big plus (instead of my usual rushing into new things and messing them up!).

I also got some labels printed of my new beetle logo from Etsy and think they look so cute as part of my finished projects. Just have to remember to add them!Mini Metal Frame Coin Purse