Inspirations & Sweet Things

I’ve been quite unwell recently with a sinus infection. Mostly been sleeping, feeling sorry for myself and watching a lot of nature programmes! I’ve also been doing a lot of art journaling and over the last few months I’ve found a lot of inspiration online through other artists work. I am obsessed with Pinterest!

This made me think of doing a series of blog posts on inspiration once a month. I am definitely a person who goes through phases of struggling with a creative block. It is almost like I have either too many ideas or none at all. So I am going to put up some themes and tips about this in the next few months.

Here are a few things I purchased and have felt inspired by over July and August:Art Books

My interest in Gothic art has been growing and bought Weirdo Noir which is a beautiful and informative book on contemporary pop Gothic art. It features lots of contemporary artists doing work in comics, illustration and is a refreshing change to all the shit candy pop stuff you see in mainstream day to day life. As I am also exploring sculpture, I am fascinated with art dolls and bought The Doll Scene which is full of gorgeous handmade dolls by interesting mixed media artists across the world. I love art books in general but thought I needed something a bit different to inspire me to go in a new direction.

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The Love of Magazines

I’ve been having a love affair with magazines for years! And this is a problem when you live in one room and can’t be parted with them. When I was little I would even make my own magazines, although I spent so long on one I don’t think I really let anyone else have it.

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A Little Reflection on Art

Wow, October sneaked up fast! Not long left of the year, which has made me reflect a little on all the projects I’ve done and the ones I’ve wanted to try. I seem to forget how productive I can be!

I started the year still really into art journaling and got my smaller A5 dylusions journal which I still love. I was also doing a lot of mixed media projects in Spring like my Printer’s Tray and Steampunk themed shadow box. I like to come up with a theme then collect all my materials for that.

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Mini Goodie Bags

Goodie Bag!

I’ve been thinking about doing this for ages. I spent a little bit of time putting together some mixed media scrap bags, for all kinds of scrap-booking, art creating fun. I am putting them in my  Etsy shop and even I think they are super cute and want everyone to fall in love with creating!

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Well Hello Sunshine!


This past week has been just crazy but gorgeous weather. All over the UK we have been experiencing what appears to be a heat wave, and when British people see a tiny bit of sun they go nuts! It has also been Graduations at work, which is still continuing this week so I have been super mega busy (I do get to do some overtime too which is good for money!). All I did last week was work, eat and sleep! However I had a lovely relaxing weekend to enjoy the sunshine, swim, do some art journalling and meet my friends for coffee and cinema 🙂

I went to a place near where I live that has a beautiful garden and wondered about with my camera, stopping to look at the different flowers and trees. It would be a great place to come and read a book. Lots of people were out sunbathing or walking dogs, and it made me really want a bike too!

Here are some of the photos:


bench daisy seats seats2 seats3 stone thing red flowers P1010390 P1010377 yellow flower

Discoveries, Intuition and Inspiration

I’ve been wanting to dedicate more time to my art blog and have been thinking about different ways I want to develop it and enrich the content, but alas work and recent bad headaches have pushed Cherryblossom into the background recently. Summer graduations are happening at the University I work at soon which means lots of overtime for me (yay!) but no time for much else (boo!).

While I haven’t spend much time this week on my art projects or journal, I have been reading new books and browsing the web for art inspiration – which is addictive! Of course I keep going back to Pinterest, and the more pictures I find the more different boards I create. I love looking at other people’s work as well and found the following lovely blogs through Pinterest:

I also bought The Bird King by Shaun Tan, who is a wonderful and dreamy artist. I recommend everyone check out his work, which is a mixture of fantasy, animals and machines. I love this one:



Sometimes when I decide to create a project or art page I just go on an idea and see where it goes, which is relying on intuition. A part of me knows there is no wrong way to make something because even if I made a mistake, I can always fix it in a way. Yet I don’t even think something can be a mistake really. When I was coming up with my ideas for the nautical shadow box I had a very small matchstick type box and sprayed it a shimmery blue-green. When I got the little wooden boat it was ever so slightly bigger than the box. Crap! I had to use a bigger box. But what would I do with this one now it had already been sprayed? Playing around with some paper, I started to over it in small strips and decided it would make a great secret box for a mini album (pictures to come soon!). I started to decorate it with a woodland theme in mind and measured some chipboard to fit into the box. So even though it seemed like I had made a mistake, I was able to use that.

I found out about a creative writing competition at Manchester Met and have decided to enter. It has been ages since I’ve done any creative writing but I remembered that I really enjoyed it. I did some creative writing at University, and this is for a short story of 2,500 words or less. The prize is £10,000 so that is my incentive! I could buy loads of art supplies with that!

So it looks like I will be really busy over the next few weeks but I am going to squeeze time in for a new art journal page and finish the matchbox and mini album very soon. Watch this space guys!

An Altered Mother’s Day Box

I found this box in the supermarket on Friday and thought, for £8 I could make it really nice. Here is what I made for my Mum. There was a space to add a photo so I picked one of our cat Scully who died last year.


A Plain Box
A Plain Box

Materials used


The finished box 🙂





A Crafting Sunday…


I’ve been dying to try making altered matchboxes, and used these materials to create a very cute little draw thing! It was a kind of experiment but I am pleased with it. It would make a great gift x


Materials I used




Here is the finished box:





I have lots of ideas for different themes 🙂



Inspiring Blogger :D


Wow, I just got this nomination from – thank you!


1.) Display the award logo on your blog.
2.) Link back to the person who nominated you.
3.) State 7 things about yourself.
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The 7 Things about myself
1. I am obsessed with cute and funny animals
2. I love reading.
3. I have a sweet tooth.
4. My dream place to visit would be India.
5. I am a film snob – but did study it for an MA!
6. I hope to own a pug one day.
7. I have two younger sisters but don’t exactly act my age!

The 15 Great Bloggers

Art Journalling :)

Good evening! This little post is about my art journaling, and I am pleasantly surprised at my productivity recently. I’ve felt inspired and driven to draw, but also experiment a little with my materials. I have used water colour pencils, inks and stamps and, amazingly, have been able to let go of my notions about how the journal ‘should’ look – that isn’t even the point of doing an art journal!
It is for expressing yourself freely, exploring new ideas, ways of drawing and making marks on a page that are satisfying. I think this is partly achieved by keeping your journal private – in that you don’t feel judged by showing it to others, and then creating in your head ideas about something being ‘perfect’ – again this isn’t about a finished piece, it is a undisturbed space to develop thoughts and ideas, note things of interest and chronicle the way you grow creativity and as a person. It sounds strange as I put pages up on my blog, but I wouldn’t really show people I know, in particular while I’m working through an idea. I also know that the people who like my blog are interested in arts, creating and expressing themselves through material items, so in sharing my daily creative journey I give something of myself to like minded spirits; whether just a little smile or inspiration.
I have been on Pinterest a lot for inspiration and just finding new things has opened my mind to new ideas. Some topics I love include birds, tropical flowers and keys! And there are loads of great pictures on these. If you are feeling a little stuck I would recommend Pinterest as a starting point. I have even written a small list of the art projects I want to do this year – I will come back soon and write about that.
Time for some tea now I think 🙂

January Blues…

It may be because it is January and still cold and dark most days, but I am stuck in a creative rut! Apart from reading more fiction, I feel very unmotivated with my art at the moment and haven’t started looking at list of things to do this year because I know I lack the passion. I have felt like this before, yet it still bothers me. Does anyone else sometimes feel like this? I’m also putting my energies into finding a new job, so that may have something to do with this rut. But normally I hate doing job applications and relish the thought of doing something creative to relieve my brain!
I need a plan to get me back on track! I often carry my journal and pencil case with me and like to draw on my lunch break. But I feel the fear of ‘the blank white page’ and my mind turns void. I need to come up with some tricks to get over this. When I started my journal I told myself it was for drawing only, but that is actually quite restrictive so I write in too. So my first idea is to just fill up a page with words and create a sort of mind-map, just things I think of or that I find interesting. Hopefully it will give my creativity a boost. Another thing that helps is looking on Pinterest, and my favourite posts at the moment are other people’s journals and colleges. If you haven’t been on I suggest you take a look, it is fun just browsing different pictures and topics.
More than anything though, I want to take this pressure I put on myself off and place it in a tiny box, lock it up and burry it in a desert! Nothing good creativity comes from feeling stuck and beating yourself up about it. I find writing my blog helps too, reflecting on my issues and also keeping it up to date. I have come to relish my posts because I know there are people out there who read them and like what I write – which is amazing! I also love to show my completed art projects and show how pleased (or not) I am with what I have made. Well these are my thoughts for today, I am now going to relax, make some dinner and look up something inspiring on Pinterest x