Chester Zoo!

A few pictures from a day out at Chester Zoo. So any amazing animals but only managed to get a few good pictures. Must have walked for 5 hours, but the weather was good.

Recent Creative Do-dahs!

I am on a little bit of a creative kick these last few days, I wonder if it is the weather! It has been really humid and sunny, I don’t think I’ve seen rain for at least 5 days.

Here are some things I’ve been doing recently.

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Goodbye 20s!

It’s only a few days until I am 30, and to celebrate leaving my 20s behind I went on a family holiday to Centre Parcs this weekend. despite the travel down to Suffolk, it was a whirlwind of manic laughter, swimming, lots of cappuccinos, archery, pool, shopping, nature, birthday cake and relaxation in the Spa. I don’t want to go back to work tomorrow!#

Me try out archery – with not very sensible footwear!

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Well Hello Sunshine!


This past week has been just crazy but gorgeous weather. All over the UK we have been experiencing what appears to be a heat wave, and when British people see a tiny bit of sun they go nuts! It has also been Graduations at work, which is still continuing this week so I have been super mega busy (I do get to do some overtime too which is good for money!). All I did last week was work, eat and sleep! However I had a lovely relaxing weekend to enjoy the sunshine, swim, do some art journalling and meet my friends for coffee and cinema 🙂

I went to a place near where I live that has a beautiful garden and wondered about with my camera, stopping to look at the different flowers and trees. It would be a great place to come and read a book. Lots of people were out sunbathing or walking dogs, and it made me really want a bike too!

Here are some of the photos:


bench daisy seats seats2 seats3 stone thing red flowers P1010390 P1010377 yellow flower

An Altered Mother’s Day Box

I found this box in the supermarket on Friday and thought, for £8 I could make it really nice. Here is what I made for my Mum. There was a space to add a photo so I picked one of our cat Scully who died last year.


A Plain Box
A Plain Box

Materials used


The finished box 🙂





Art Journalling :)

Good evening! This little post is about my art journaling, and I am pleasantly surprised at my productivity recently. I’ve felt inspired and driven to draw, but also experiment a little with my materials. I have used water colour pencils, inks and stamps and, amazingly, have been able to let go of my notions about how the journal ‘should’ look – that isn’t even the point of doing an art journal!
It is for expressing yourself freely, exploring new ideas, ways of drawing and making marks on a page that are satisfying. I think this is partly achieved by keeping your journal private – in that you don’t feel judged by showing it to others, and then creating in your head ideas about something being ‘perfect’ – again this isn’t about a finished piece, it is a undisturbed space to develop thoughts and ideas, note things of interest and chronicle the way you grow creativity and as a person. It sounds strange as I put pages up on my blog, but I wouldn’t really show people I know, in particular while I’m working through an idea. I also know that the people who like my blog are interested in arts, creating and expressing themselves through material items, so in sharing my daily creative journey I give something of myself to like minded spirits; whether just a little smile or inspiration.
I have been on Pinterest a lot for inspiration and just finding new things has opened my mind to new ideas. Some topics I love include birds, tropical flowers and keys! And there are loads of great pictures on these. If you are feeling a little stuck I would recommend Pinterest as a starting point. I have even written a small list of the art projects I want to do this year – I will come back soon and write about that.
Time for some tea now I think 🙂

Giving My Blog a Revamp!

So, I decided to put a bit more into my blog and give it a new look. I am really pleased that I have reached 50 followers! This meant a little celebration with the new background and colours. I have lots of ideas for posts and soon I will be able to focus more on them – when Christmas is out of the way! I will update on my current projects and ideas soon.



Beautiful Shadow Box :)

Apart from a few small things, my new shadow box is now finished! I am a little torn between making it look ‘complete’ and putting too much into it.shadow

There is already a lot going on! I think this one reflects my personality really well 🙂 I may add some feet to raise it.

Some close ups:

shadow 2 shadow 3

shadow 4

All The Lovely Bloggers…

It is Sunday morning, I have a nice coffee and I am listening to Louis Armstrong 🙂 I wanted to write a little post about all the lovely bloggers I have come across since I started Cherry Blossom.

The many lovely, inspiring people who have come to have a look at my blog, left comments and liked my post was almost an unexpected bonus to my starting this blog. But it is one of the best things! Knowing people like what I’m upto and are doing something similar, making art, writing, taking photos of nature is invigorating and keeps me going, even when I have creative blocks.

I look forward to finding more likeminded people and a big thanks you are awesome to everyone who comes to look at my crazy stuff! xx