Shrinking Plastic Cuteness!


I may be 31 but I feel like a kind in a sweet shop when I get new craft things to play with! And that is what I’ve been doing on my week off. I bought a mini toaster oven to make shrink plastic things and I love it. I’ve been experimenting as well as reading Shrink! Shrank! Shrunk! to get ideas on size and how well different ideas lend themselves to plastic.



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Sweet Dreams Matchbox & Book

I made this a little while ago and put it to one side because I wasn’t sure what to do with it. However, I actually think now it is finished and so cute! I love making small items and especially themed things. I had a lot of little embellishments that went well with a sweets and cute theme – I love the tiny ice cream x

Some Things To Come….

yellow flowers

While I have been super busy recently, I still have time to work on some new craft projects which I am excited about sharing. I thought I would give a sneak peak of things to come on the blog, including:

  • My take on using fabric pens – and tutorial
  • My continued passion for stamps and carving
  • New Art Journal Pages
  • My Smashbook
  • Some adventures with my new camera!
  • My new obsessions which includes skulls
  • A new mixed media project
  • Info on new art magazines I have found and love

As you can see, there are lots of new things for me to get stuck into! I hope you are into them too and keep an eye out 🙂

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Carving Stamps!

I’ve only just begun to try this and now I think about it, it seems strange seeing as I love mixed media art so much. I got a few pieces of lino and a carving tool with 5 different blades from the art shop last week, but didn’t start til last night. I didn’t have much of a plan, just drew a swirly shape onto the lino and began carving.

It is super relaxing as you focus on how you want your image to look. It also forces you to think differently about your art because you are taking away to reveal the image, whereas a lot of other materials I use you are building up the image.

I have lot of ideas on where to go with these, and I love how it adds a new dimension to my art. While I love bought stamps there is something more personal and unscripted about creating something yourself.

Victorian Curios Shadow Box

Here is my finished shadowbox. When creating it I had the idea of a Victorian Curios box in mind and the black really brings all the intricate pieces together. I think it is the little details that draw me to things like this. I am putting this up in my Etsy shop and am looking forward to my next media challenge.

Curios box

Something Close To My Heart…

I decided to write a post about something I care deeply about and that is Human Writes, an organisation that befriends prisoners on Death Row in America through letter writing. This is something I have wanted to do for a long time and knew someone who had done it before and described how much she got from it.

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Smash Book and Other Nonsense x

I thought I would put up a small post with some things I have been doing recently. The first is an A3 sketchbook I was covering, although I seemed to run out of ideas half way through! So it is still a work in progress.


The second is my Smash book I bought for my birthday which I am just obsessed with. I have only doodled on the front cover and sort of started a page without a main idea, which is what Smash books are all about, but my art journaling and shadow boxes have been my focus for the last two months really so I feel I have neglected my Smash book. I have been collecting things for it though, whenever I find something interesting in a magazine.

Smash book smash book2

Well that is all for now guys, have a great week!

Nautical Themed Shadowbox

I am so happy with the way this box has turned out. I’ve been thinking and working on it for ages, collecting and finding things to go with my theme. I did intend to use a much smaller box but then I got the little boat and it didn’t fit. I felt the boat and message in the bottle were the integral pieces, so I just got a bigger box! I also love the shells, and used some sand textured gel at the bottom to give it a beach effect. I can’t wait to do another one! I’ve actually got so many craft/shadow box ideas going on at the moment!

I am going to put this up on my Etsy Shop, so if you are interested please click the link and have a look. Thanks! 🙂
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Mixed Media Is a Blessing And a Curse!

I finally feel like I am finding my way into my mixed media art journal. While it is something I’ve wanted to do for ages, I was struggling to get a balance between ideas for a page and playing with my material. Sometimes I would have it open on a blank page and not really have any what I was going to do. This was frustrating at first, and I’ve often had the ‘fear of the blank page’ but I seem to have moved past it and after playing around with different embellishments, paints and sprays I end up with an idea to explore. Part of me still holds onto the notion that it has to be an amazing piece, but I am trying to let go. That isn’t the point of an art journal, and specifically my intent was just to explore mixed media materials and enjoy the creating process, finding interesting combinations and creating different effects.

One way I have decided to create pages is through themes. The underwater page came to me after I had sprayed the blue and greens on, but I want to try more abstract themes like Memory, Escape and Enchantment. I am sure I could brainstorm a lot just from those words. I have been working on a few other things as well, including the trinket box and a mini scrapbook album. Photos are to come very soon!

I’ve Made an Etsy Shop!

I have finally created my own little Etsy shop to sell some of my items. This has been in my head for ages and friends who have seen my crafts always ask if I sell them. Well now I am! It is looking a little sparse at the moment but I am currently making a few things which I plan to put up. Been really busy the last few weeks, and my creating has been put to one side, but not for long.