Beautiful Shadow Box :)

Apart from a few small things, my new shadow box is now finished! I am a little torn between making it look ‘complete’ and putting too much into it.shadow

There is already a lot going on! I think this one reflects my personality really well 🙂 I may add some feet to raise it.

Some close ups:

shadow 2 shadow 3

shadow 4

Hurray, it’s Saturday!

It feels like this week has been massively long, and also bloody freezing! So I’m estatic it is the weekend and I can have a lie in, eat some yummy lunch and hang out with the boyfriend (who is currently playing computer!). Also, hot chocolate with cream 🙂

I wanted to share my current art project as well, a shadow box. I already love it and it isn’t even finished! One annoying thing about having art and crafts as a hobby is that it can get expensive. Boo! I even thought  if I make pressies this year it will save me money. I was wrong! I’ve probably spent over £150 already! Christ! On well, some things I can use more than once like stamps, and I have so many charms, buttons, beads, paper, inks etc that I will be making more things for a very long time!

Here is a sneak peak at the shadow box



And this is my crafting table! What a mess!


Happy Weekend x

A Sneak Peak of my Crafty Masterpiece!

A Sneak Peak of my Crafty Masterpiece!

This is what I have been up to recently, making a printer’s tray 🙂 it is almost complete and I love it! This is a gift but I will be making one for myself soon!

A Beautiful Shadow Box For Catherine x

I just finished making this wooden box/ drawer for my sister Catherine and absolutely love it! (If I do say so myself!)

I started with a blank wooden box shaped as a book with a secret drawer. I had a few ideas but started with the front first, so I could get an idea for how to make the inside. I was thinking of making it a drawer to put keepsakes and trinkets in, but I also wanted it to be on display and with the draw on the side that would be a bit difficult.

So I decided to go for a simple shadow box, knowing she likes cute small things! I used two Tim Holtz bottles, one has a tiny message on paper, the other I filled with pretty beads. I then made a tiny book from patterned paper and card, and glued that down. I added lots of embellishements and covered a small piece of card with fabric to give the items a bit of hight.

As I like the paper in the background a lot, I didn’t want to cover it up too much. I hope she likes it 🙂 I am very pleased with how it came out – even if managed to glue my fingers together more than once!!

Ps. Sorry if the pictures are blurry, my camera broke so I’ve been taking photos on my phone!

Daydreams and Compulsive Art x

I’ve been thinking about my inspirations lately and how I get ideas. Sometimes I have creative blocks and feel frustrated. If this happens I will get a little panicky that I will lose any talent I have, but then calm down and read or watch a film. I hadn’t realised though that my keen eyes are always drawn to things and store them in my brain for later. I like to keep images I find like magazine cut outs, postcards or interesting packaging, and only recently decided to put it in a scrapbook. I love making scrapbook style art, but this is more a place to put all my ideas, pictures, daydreams and thoughts.

As you can see I spent a while making the front, but the inside isn’t as pretty! That’s OK though because the purpose of my scrapbook is for reference and being free to do what I want on the pages without feeling like it will need to look like a finished piece.

I am going to add some more posts about inspiration, being self reflective in this sense is useful to understand how my mind works, the ways my creativity is stimulated and that a lull is sometimes a good way to step back and see how far you have come and relax with a good book and cup of tea.