Being Creative

Creativity is often seen as an inherent gift possessed by few people, but it is much broader and complex than this idea. Creativity is the ability and process to go beyond the norm; to find new and meaningful patterns, ideas, interpretations and relationships. It is a way of using our mental abilities and combining them with thoughts and imagination to express something in an original way.

Our brains look for the best way to keeps things simple. Dividing people into types – logical, methodical or chaotic and artistically driven โ€“ allows us to deal with a complex, information dense world in which we live. Some people do have a natural aptitude for the arts; yet the mystical quality given to a creative person is limiting for everyone.

Such beliefs miss the wider picture of understanding the world around us. In any discipline where people explore new ways of approaching something, be it an equation, an undiscovered species or a philosophical concept, we use a combination of cognitive abilities and this includes creativity.

Creativity is part of being human and everyone is capable of developing their creativity and applying it in different areas of their life. In the three years I have been doing this art blog I have come to see my creativity as a vital aspect of my life and my drive to develop as a mixed media artist. I want this blog to show how my own art and creativity evolves and that embracing a challenging, creative life can allow us to become more resilient to lifeโ€™s challenges enhance our understanding of the world and experience a sense contentment and freedom.

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