Fantasy Cakes & Embroidery

Well hello 2018, what great things awaits me? I hope everyone had a great festive season and are planning some wonderful things this year. I’ve already had enough of rainy, windy Manchester, where is Spring?

I got a proper mixing stand in November and have been busy making cakes like they were going out of fashion! I really enjoy cake making. I read somewhere baking is like chemistry and I couldn’t agree more. Planning the flavours, size and of course themes and decorating is so fun! Below are some I made in the last two months for birthdays and various Christmas celebrations.

This cake making frenzy found its way into my crafts too! I challenged myself to make a large embroidery hoop, which can be rough on my fingers –  a Kawaii-inspired cake slice. But not any old cake, this was a space-mermaid-tripping-on-acid psychedelic kind of cake slice!

I loved planning this project. I like to sketch out my ideas and jotted down some thoughts about what a space mermaid would eat. Seashells? Starfish? And of course, it had to include shimmery threads and seed beads. I finished it off by spray painting the wooden hoop in gold.

My next embroidery was actually inspired by some amazing shimmery threads I found while looking for some fabric in a shop in Manchester. I literally spend £20 just on embroidery threads – I may have a problem!

For this hoop I went a bit smaller and again went for Kawaii-inspired over the top sweet little cupcake, with sprinkles, wafer, lolly and a cherry! I outlined the whole thing with a gold thread and spray painted the wooden frame a bright blue. I think my embroidery wall is coming along pretty well at the moment.

And, a few days ago we got a new addition to the family; a black hamster! She has a tiny white chin as well. My sister came up for New Year and we were debating her name for ages when it was so obvious; Little Gateaux! She is still shy but just adorable. Hamsters make the best pets.


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