Adieu 2017!

As 2017 comes to an end, this would be a good time to write a post reflecting on everything I’ve done, the art I’ve made and how I’ve changed.

This year I’ve naturally focused more on my embroidery and as a result I’ve become more precise in my work. Moving house meant I had more space for my crafts and while I set up the art room I would do embroidery projects in the living room. The more embroidery hoops I made, the more ideas and I would get for new ones.

I also started to spray paint the hoops, giving the whole piece a more completed look. I have lots of fabric pieces so embroidery was like a fun way to plan, doodle and relax. I would pick out my fabric, sketch an idea onto it and play around with colours and stitches to bring my ideas to life. I also challenged myself to try something more complex each time I started a new piece.


When it came to subject, the main themes for my pieces were nature and whimsical – no surprises there! I find inspiration in so many things; beetles, flowers, seasons, the sea, anatomy, space. I also love looking at other artists and different styles such as Pop Surrealism, Kitsch, Kawaii.

I’ve added embellishments to embroideries before, but this year I discovered bead embroidery and it was another excuse to buy loads of lovely beads and supplies.

As I spent more time working on my embroidery this year I only made a few clay pieces. But I still love to work with clay, especially making this little penguin for a commission. I have a lot of ideas for clay shadowboxes in the future as well.

I did a few different mixed-media pieces this year, as I love doing more tactile pieces as well as few projects for my new flat. I feel I’ve branched out and cultivated my own style through the pieces I’ve made and challenged myself with different types of art making.

This year has also been amazing personally; I learnt to drive, got my calf tattooed at the Manchester Tattoo Convention, went to a magic and a juggling convention, went on a beach holiday to Portugal and taught myself graphic design skills.

But the highlight of my year was going to Paris with my boyfriend. I had been dreaming about Paris for ages and it was magical; visiting art galleries and museums, seeing the Eiffel Tower, walking the streets at cafes and eating out in the evening.

2017 has been full of amazing things and experiences, I’m looking forward to what the next year will bring.

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