Mini Projects & Rainy Days

I feel like I’ve been neglecting my blog a little, but I have just been so busy with other things and a little side tracked! So here are a few mini projects I have been doing in-between my embroidery, celebrating my boyfriend’s birthday, working and general life things!

Art Room Projects

I bought a wooden mini shelf from Amazon to add all my tiny little knickknacks on. First I primed the whole thing ready for painting and used this lovely blue Dylusions paint. I added this floral patterned paper using Modge-Podge and coated the whole thing to give it a varnish effect. I then added some tiny circle mirrors, gems and mosaic tiles for embellishment. This is now in the corner of my window sill looking sweet.


The next thing I made was a pinboard to fit under my new shelf. I found this frame in Primark and loved that it was a hexagon. I bought it for £6 and basically took it apart!

First I spray painted the frame a neon pink, added my own paper to the backing card (the same as the mini shelf above) and threaded purple ribbon between the back and the wood. I used glue and a staple gun to secure the back and added some embellishments to the front, including some day of the dead skull beads! I am really pleased with how my art room is starting to come together.


Life Things

I love the longer nights and Spring weather – even the rain in Manchester is refreshing and reminds me of Summer. In my spare time I’ve been working on my embroidery projects, adding to my sweet cactus collection and teaching myself how to draw on a Wacom tablet. I picked up the bowls my boyfriend and I made at a free clay event last month and am really surprised how well they turned out from just an hour lesson.

Sadly one of our degus died last week, Moose. He was 8 and a half and we were mostly expecting it, but he was a sweet character and will be missed. We still have two left who are a bit younger and seem to be OK at the moment.

Rest In Peace little Moose x


One thought on “Mini Projects & Rainy Days

  1. I’m really inspired by you and your mini projects – I’m interested in knowing what both the mini shelf and the frame looked like before you cherryblossomifed them (with superb results I hasten to add) 😃

    Also, I’m sad to see you’ve lost a degu… R.I.P Moose…

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