Embroidery Monsters & Cupcakes

Since finishing my bird embroidery I have had more ideas for hoops and decided to go with experimenting. I made this cute sea monster dude and my boyfriend suggested he have a top hat! So why not? I like how he came out and I spray painted the hoop blue.

My next hoop was this sweet oval I found among my fabric stash, and thought this pink fabric would go well with a frosted cupcake. Especially as I’ve been baking so many recently! I don’t really do plans for my embroidery, I just sketch an idea onto the fabric and then look at reference pictures as I go. Not sure if that is what you are meant to do!

I added some seed beads to the syrup as sprinkles and I am so pleased with it, I love the cherry!

I’ve almost sorted out my craft room the way I want it and this little fuzzy ball is in there peeping out to see if there is food! I haven’t bought a craft magazine in ages and browsing earlier, Stitch looked like it had lots of interesting embroidery and textile things. I also love Pinterest for ideas and spend ages going through amazing images and wondering how people do such amazing embroidery. This is my Embroidery board full of lovely things.

My cupcake has inspired me to do more sweet embroideries and maybe even patches. It’s my birthday in a couple of days so thinking of buying a sewing machine! Decisions!

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