Altoid Tin Tutorial – Little Fishes

Life has been pretty hectic recently as I got sick, then started driving lessons and a French class! So my art projects have been a bit neglected over the past month, but I did make this little fish pond tin a while ago and wanted to do another tutorial so I thought this would be a nice update on an Altoid tin tutorial I did last year. I hope you like!


  • Altoid Tin
  • Polymer Clay
  • Clear Resin
  • Metal Primer Spray
  • Spray Paint
  • Shimmer Powers
  • Beads, fantasy film, other mixed media things


  • A general idea of what you want to make
  • A clean workspace, materials and tools,Β drink and snacks on hand

The first thing you want to do is prepare your tin. Spray with a metal primer to stop the paint scratching off. It will need a few light coats. While your tin dries, you want to start making something to put in your tin. I made two fish in different colours, but you make whatever you like. I also made a bit of seabed with plants to give it more interest.


Once you’re happy with your coverage of the tin with primer, spray with the spray paint. I experimented a bit with my colours and did a vibrant purple on the outside and a gold chrome inside. It doesn’t need to look perfect and I actually like the effect of the gold shining through on the hinges. Before I baked my fish, I added some Perfect Pearls to them as I just love shimmer! With your creation add whatever you like – beads, powders, metals.


Once my clay has baked and the tin is dry, I like to play around with how my little creatures will sit once everything is in place. I then added white sand and placed my little rock and fish in together.

The next step is resin. I used a clear resin which mixes in two equal parts, but all makes are different so check your instructions. I added fantasy film cut into tiny pieces into my resin to add shimmer and texture. I let the resin set for 24 hours and then decorated the tin lid with some lovely sparkly gems I found in the art shop a while ago. You can glue what you like though, maybe a nice image you have, some glitter, gems – pretty much anything!

Below are some of my other tins I’ve made, it’s a fun little project and there are so many things you can do with these tins.


2 thoughts on “Altoid Tin Tutorial – Little Fishes

  1. I really enjoyed reading this tutorial, especially the instructions to keep drinks and snacks on standby πŸ˜€

    Your Altoid tin creations are always really cute and fun, I love the Octo-Dude you made me and gave him pride of place in my living room…

    Good luck with the driving and French lessons, don’t get the two mixed up though 😝

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