Mini Things in Tins

I’ve been playing around with altering tins for a while and wanted to try something new using them. While out shopping with my sister, I found a smaller tin, about half the size of an Altoid tin and thought it would be a cool challenge to make something fit inside it.

When I feel a bit out of practice with clay I like to go back to something simple such as my octopus. I made two mini ones, one in translucent yellow and the other translucent orange. They turned out so cute! One of these guys could live in my new tin, so I made a tiny bit of coral, seaweed and a starfish to make it more homely.

For the tin, I sprayed it with a few coats of metal primer and when it was dry, sprayed it with a gorgeous gold crome. While I waited for the paint to dry I made a whole army of octodudes! One even has a top hat, just to be different.

I added some head-pins to some of my new dudes before baking so I could make them into something like a keyring. When my tin was ready I added some white sand and placed the octopus in with his new things and added resin. I put this under my cake tray to cure, which means no pesky dust getting into the resin.

I wanted to try making something even smaller! So I found these little sewing tins and added a gold octodude chilling in some resin. I added the 20p for scale. I started making some frogs as well, the first two turned out very cute. My next project is going to be a pond so I’m planning to make some smaller frogs, fish and lots of flowers!


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