Space Things & Galaxy Octodudes

I think after making my large scale shark coral reef, I felt a little bit of a lull withย my ideas. Although I had some vague thoughts on new clay projects, I couldn’t seem to get started. I looked at Pinterest (go to place for inspiration!) and started thinking of a space theme for an Altoid tin. I drew round a tin I had in my drawer at work and did a mini sketch of a 1950’s style rocket. I liked where this was going!

Working with Altoid tins in the past, I found that putting clay over the entire thing doesn’t always work and wanted to try spray painting them. I learned pretty quickly that you should invest in some metal primer if you don’t want the paint to scratch off.


I decided to used my rocket drawing as the basis for my tin lid. I mixed together Fimo clay in black, purple, translucent, green and stardust to get a blend similar to a galaxy. I rolled it through the pasta machine to stretch the colours out rather than completely mix them and placed this on the lid. Next I cut out some basic shapes in silver clay for my rocket, using a deep blue and aqua to define parts of the rocket ship. I used a pointed tool to make some indents and added some small gold pieces for detail. I used a fluorescent clay to make the stars which I thought would be add dimension.

Ready to bake

After baking and leaving the tin to cool, I sprayed it with metal primer and left it for a few hours. I then did several coats of black spray paint before deciding what to do with my tin.

I really liked the galaxy clay I had made and as I still had some left I decided to make an octopus for the white dish I had bought a few months ago. I made his eyes and suckers from the fluorescent polymer clay too, although it doesn’t photograph well! I added some sand and resin to the dish and my latest creature was complete!

I decided to make a smaller one for my rocket tin and added a sort of moon rock and added resin and sand. On the inside lid I stuck some silver pearl gems, to be reminiscent of stars and constellations. I loved how it came out, although the lid doesn’t quite shut!


Continuing the space theme, I decided to try another spaceship as a relief and made this on a round piece of wood. I had issues with the clay staying on, but loved how the planet turned out. It was a mixture if greens, translucent yellow and blue. While it is pretty rough, I think it was a good try at something new and I can see a way forward with this theme of space, aliens and kitsch 1950’s style sci fi. Maybe that is what I needed to kick my butt out of this creative lull.

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