Mermaids and Sea Things


If you’ve been following my blog for a while, you would have guessed I have a little obsession with the sea!

And not just the creatures but also myths and legends of monsters and mermaids. Sea things seem to come naturally to me in my art, and also lends itself well to creating mythical things. I think it is the organic shapes, swirls and diverse colours and patterns that draw me in. I could probably paint mermaids forever!

My latest journal page started out as me wanting to use my latest purchase Pearlscent Liquid Acrylic by Daler Rowney,Β and I always imagine mermaids to be shimmery with magical qualities. I love fun colours too, so decided to use pink for the hair and a mixture of greens and gold for the tail.


For this page I sketched out my mermaid and coloured the tail and body with my Inktense pencils, going over with water to make the colours pop. I used a brush to paint the pink Liquid Acrylic in her hair, then went over the details in black in and a nip pen shown above. I was listening to a podcast about Jupiter’s moons as I worked on this which was when I decided that was were she would be; a moon! I used Posca pens to draw out the rock and add details, and Dylusions paints for the background. I just love the starry sky.


Some other sea related pages I’ve done recently can be seen below, I love tentacled creatures!

I am having fun trying out these new inks, they give beautiful shimmer and coverage and can be used with a brush or pen. I’m going to try them out in my black journal next, see what affects I can come up with.

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