Art Journaling Delights

Recently I’ve been focusing on working in my art journal and trying new things to push myself as an artist. I felt some kind of creative block with my sculpting so I picked my journal and made marks on the page. I allowed myself not to really think, just enjoy the materials and the shapes.

Since then I have done quite a few journal pages and love what art journaling gives me. I work in front of a computer during the week, so it is normally the last thing I want to do when I come home. Sitting at my desk with my supplies, some music or podcast and my imagination allows me to come back to myself, to relax, explore and think in a different way than I do in everyday life.

I can experiment and play with my materials, find what works and explore my ideas and themes. I’ve wanted to try watercolours for a while so I got out my watercolour pencils (I use Derwent Inktense) and started sketching, seeing what effect I can get. watercolour is so dreamy. I love how the colours go in a flowing motion with the water. I also used a small watercolour block by Winsor & Newton.

Adding pen to the paint gives definition and detail, building up a nice contrast between flow and line in a picture. The pencils give you more control than the paints, but also the softness you get with the paints. You can use the pencils to build up intensity of colour and shape while the pens add a boldness and build the volume within the shapes. I used my favourite Posca pens in my journal. I wanted to try creating realistic skin tones and bought these Derwent watercolour pencils which come in a nice range of colours.

Working outside my comfort zone feels liberating!  I’ve been trying not to judge my work but to enjoy a new way of making art. I’m also finding a new way of approaching my art journaling, and it is in the process of creating it that I will find my style evolving and my ideas develop.

Watercolour pencils

Another purchase this week (I am obsessed!) were these beautiful  Derwent metallic pencils, which I instantly wanted to try out in my new black Ranger journal. The shimmery blues and greens made me think of mermaids so that is what I drew! I love how it came out and I added some pen to the page for contrast. I want to incorporate these pencils into a mixed media page soon.

It sometimes feels like an ongoing battle, but it really is worth reminding ourselves to enjoy the creative process and experiment with new materials. Try not to get hung up on how it is supposed to look – draw or paint whatever feels natural. This is how we grow and develop our skills. I hope everyone had a great Easter break!

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