Farewell 2015!

It’s been a while since my last blog post and what better time to reflect on this year than New Year’s Eve?

Looking over all my projects and posts, it surprised me just how much I’ve made this year. The biggest thing was my new found love of polymer clay. I moved house in January to a nicer house and bigger room. I was still focusing on embroidery around the beginning of the year and set myself the project of my large Toucan on a hoop. A daunting task as it was so big!

text from side

After spending a lot of hours on embroidery I wanted to try something new and tried shrink plastic. This was a lot of fun but felt the possibilities of it were a bit limited.

While I worked on a shadowbox project, I decided to use some polymer clay in some jars to add interest to the whole piece. I wrote about my creative ruts during the year and decided to try playing with clay to find a new perspective and enjoyment in creating. I was looking for a new challenge and found it through something I had done a few years before.

Looking back at my clay pieces from May I can’t help but laugh! They are hilarious in their strangeness and roughness.

I was frustrated with my abilities not leveling up with my ideas, but pushing through this is what makes you good at something. No one ever got good at something by not trying, again and again. I can see just how much I have improved since then and for every piece I made that at the time I didn’t like, I am grateful. I still have them in my box of monsters and laugh, but they are a reminder than you really can get better at something.

I find a natural affinity using polymer clay and love using my hands to make objects. As I got into the Summer and I added to my tools, skills and confidence, I set myself another big project  (I seem to like doing this!)- I wanted to make Audrey 2 from Little Shop of Horrors! I didn’t really know how I was going to make this but did some sketches, looked at tutorials online and then bought some supplies. This really was a monster plant, it turned out huge! It was fun and I enjoyed all the challenges I was faced with as I assembled it – how I was going to make it stay upright in the pot, what to make the leaves from, how to paint it.


At this point I had also discovered resin and began experimenting with it. It was a perfect project to combine with polymer clay! The more things I made with clay the bigger and more detailed my pieces became. I found my main interest was in surface designs and patterns, mixing colours and also making monsters!

Reflecting on all the things I have made this year, I most proud of my Audrey 2 plant, the Merlion sculptures, my octopus in tins and the underwater clay scene. I always pushed through my lack of motivation or stressful periods this year and embraced learning new skills, trying new materials and engaging in my art making as always positive even when something doesn’t look great at the end. I took my obsession with monsters to a new level, found new artists and art movements like pop surrealism for inspiration and wasn’t afraid to take on big projects just to see if I could!

Overall I think it’s been a pretty good year for my hobby. I’m looking forward to doing more clay work, expanding my monster ideas and trying art classes and water colouring in 2016.

Happy New Year Everyone!!

2 thoughts on “Farewell 2015!

  1. I’m impressed with just how far your clay handling skills have progressed within a year. Just imagine how much more progress you will have made by this time next year.

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