Autumn Magic

It’s officially cold, dark and rainy here in Manchester and not my favourite time of year at all! I love the colours of Autumn but they are disappearing too quickly for my liking. As usual I’ve had many different art projects in my mind but not enough time to do any. As the sculpting is my favourite thing to do at the moment I’ve been spending more time on that and improving my skills. Over the last few weeks I’ve been playing with colours and gradient and this lead to my new Fizzling creatures with seasonal themes. I love how the detail came out on my Autumn themed one, even though he is kind of wonky! And sculpting feet has been making me crazy. This is why I sort of gave up on my second winter inspired Fizzling in favour of the decor across his sides. This one is so shimmery I just love the colours.

This has to be my first Winter themed art piece and I really enjoyed finding new things to incorporate into the creature.

With my purple beast I decided I wanted to stick with cool colours and remembered this glittery purple I had. I made the armature slightly different and again didn’t pay too much attention to the legs. I wanted to try some techniques from my new book The Polymer Clay Artist’s Guide so placed some gold leaf over black polymer. I stamped out some star shapes and just loved the outcome! Once I placed them onto my creature I instantly thought of space and galaxies – so I called him Cosmic.

I want to try and make smaller versions of these creatures as I think they would make cute gifts and I can put them up in my Etsy shop. I also take commissions for pieces and I love making someone else’s ideas come to life. It is a refreshing challenge.

I’m working on some new sculptures at the moment I hope to share soon. Especially as it is so dreary outside!


2 thoughts on “Autumn Magic

  1. I love these three cheeky little fellows! Your work is amazing as ever and I think you didn’t need to worry about feet, those stars turned out fantastically…

    Do you only accept commissions for fizzlings or can you make other gifts as commissions? If so I think you’ve solved my Christmas shopping conundrums (or should that be “conundra”?)

    Keep up the good work! 😄

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