Art Journaling Pages & Video

This week I’ve been getting back back into art journaling and plan to finish this A5 journal so I can start a lovely new one. I have some new art materials to use including soft pastels which I used on the enchanted page and some Perfect Pearls which I mixed with water and painted onto the owl page.

I’ve gone back to drawing over a black gesso background and I love the effect. For the space doodle page I used a restricted pallet of white, blue and purple. I’ve been thinking of new themes and ideas for my pages and space seemed like a vast and visual topic. I did this page as a stream of consciousness just adding stars and words but I might look for some similar themes for my next page.

I’m really pleased with how the owl turned out, especially the zen doodles behind him. I always think of the Labyrinth with David Bowie when I see owls, shows my age I guess! I made some new art journal videos which you can see on my YouTube channel, of the pages here. I’m thinking of doing some videos on polymer clay at some point, although I have getting quite busy since going back to work and need to find time to fit all my art things in. I have so many ideas!

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