Polymer Clay Creatures & Charms

Wow, it is September already?! OMG!

Autumn is probably my favourite season. It reminds me of starting a new term at uni, getting new books, stationary, the trees changing colour and snuggling up in a scarf and hat when out. It is also the time for hot chocolates, getting cosy in bed with films while it is cold and raining outside and Halloween!

This post is on the polymer clay things I have been making recently (partly while I was off work poorly) and I love trying new techniques and adapting my ideas. I made two smaller Fizzling creatures and have been wanting to try bright colours on a black body. I love it! Black Fimo does have the tendency to stain though so I had to make sure my working area and hands were cleaned frequently with baby wipes. This meant I could add colour clay without mixing it together and getting it muddy. I also use clingfilm on my Fimo clay when I’m not working on a project to protect it from lint. I find this works well.

I wanted to make a pair of Fizzlings and had quite a lot of scales left so made a second one with a purple body. They look so cute together! I can see some flaws in them but I like the shape and design.

My other creature I went for a different pose using wire and foil as an armature and covering that in masking tape. I decided to make this Fizzling with more intricate detailing on the body and like how it turned out. I felt a bit stuck half way through and I also used my last pair of cute eyes, but after a few days I came back to him and found adding some more organic swirls helped me find his decorative style.

I’ve also been making lots of cute charm key rings in a Kawaii style and I love the wrapped lollipops! I made the cute French toast for my sister, a pickle and a swissroll! I’m thinking of making some little bags of happy cute things and selling them in my My Etsy shop along with my key rings.

And lastly I made a commissioned Fizzling Owl with little Froop for a birthday gift which I sent off in a sweet gift box. I was really happy with the way these came out and want to make more bird sculptures. Owls are seriously cool.


2 thoughts on “Polymer Clay Creatures & Charms

  1. Everything you’ve made here is seriously cute, I’m especially intrigued by how you made the translucent lolly wrappers so realistic… Care to spill the beans? πŸ˜‰

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