Where Is Your Art Going?


This is an excellent question right now! Because while I’m not in a block as such, I feel like I’m disengaged with my projects. It could be some apathy I’ve been feeling from other things – work, health, personal dramas – and this is bleeding into my art. Or maybe I am just run down and need a break longer than a few days.

I try to push myself in a lot of things I do. I must improve my skills or I fear I will lose them. But I can see this isn’t making me very happy and I’m losing some of the joy I get from my art and creativity. I thought switching up my projects might help and also made a small animation.

I have a notebook I write my ideas for posts and different projects in and I have a few to get started on. I got some new items for a Tim Holtz shadow box, some ideas for Fimo clay charms and a frame box. But while I have ideas, I don’t seem to have the motivation to get started. Does anyone else ever get this? What would you suggest as a sort of remedy? A holiday in the Maldives perhaps?! Anyway this is my current update, more on my mood than art….

2 thoughts on “Where Is Your Art Going?

  1. If I lose my art mojo, I let that go for a bit and do something else instead. I maybe try out some new recipes or work on writing up my family history or do a photographic project. Somehow that means that when I return to my art it is with renewed energy and enthusiasm.

    1. Thanks for your comment πŸ™‚ I think I should do something else for a bit, I get frustrated with myself when I don’t do my art projects but then I spend so much time on them outside of work when I’m not doing them I feel like I’m not doing anything, if that makes sense!

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