Recent Art & Craft Projects

I was feeling a little stagnated with my projects recently, like I was falling into a rut and this always frustrates me. To get out of this I thought mixing up my artwork would help and picked some fun things to play around with. I started with this book box and three tags I had planned to do last year and am slowly making into a altered art piece with a Romantic theme.

I also did a bit of Polymer Fimo baking and made some snails and funny little monsters. I decided to make them into keyrings. I’ve bought some Milliput which I am going to try soon, this dries in the air after a few hours so will need a different approach.

It’s been beautiful weather here and the flowers near my work and home are blooming. Soon I won’t even need to wear a coat outside!

I’ve also been doodling a little bit in my sketchbook, to get some ideas and to get out of this annoying rut. Thinking of writing a post on shrink plastic and will share some tips on making a keyring like this.

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