Shrinking Plastic Cuteness!


I may be 31 but I feel like a kind in a sweet shop when I get new craft things to play with! And that is what I’ve been doing on my week off. I bought a mini toaster oven to make shrink plastic things and I love it. I’ve been experimenting as well as reading Shrink! Shrank! Shrunk!ย to get ideas on size and how well different ideas lend themselves to plastic.



I also found Posca pens work quite well on the plastic and don’t burn, so I started using them for my ideas. I like the look of the transparent sheets but they are quite hard to make into something like a brooch or magnet as the superglue I used changed the colour.


oven close up

I just love this oven, it is meant for baking but is so easy to use for this. I am wondering if I can use it for Fimo as well, although it may be too hot.


I then used some white plastic which you can trace before baking and then glue a small piece of magnet strip or pin to the back. I placed my pieces on some baking paper which works quite well and doesn’t get too hot when taking it out of the oven.

magnetskey ring

I love how these came out, I just need some varnish to protect them. I tried clear nail varnish but that wasn’t so good. Another trip to the art shop is never a bad thing though!

I’m thinking of putting together a physical mini mixed media magazine, to help me improve my digital skills and will include a tutorial on shrink plastic. I see lots of possibilities for it in my craft projects. Hope everyone is enjoying Spring x

4 thoughts on “Shrinking Plastic Cuteness!

    1. Haha, that is a great word! Thanks for your sweet comment, I really am like a magpie going ooh what is that or what is this and have to try doing it! I should probably try getting really good at one thing but I just love so many things!

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