A Foxy Embroidery – With Buttons!


The Idea

Well I have been obsessing over foxes the last few months and wanted to create a project based on one. This design was quite simple, as I was going to go for something more realistic.  But I decided with the size of the hoop and the fox being the centre focus, that it should be colour and pattern that are more intricate and ornate. fox

My style is quite elaborate and I find that details really make a project pop which is why I added the detailing inside the fox. That was free hand and I gave myself the chance to just experiment with colours and pattern. I think it works well.

Materials & Stitches

For the fox I used a dark green fabric and a fabric stabiliser as I knew I would be filling in the whole body and wanted to make it a bit more rigid. At first I hadn’t planned to cut the fox out, and I started off with a split stitch as an outline. This is my first project where I specifically used silk shading and started off going over the outline and blending the reds together.

buttonsAs the fox began to take shape I tried using a finger grip which really helped. With the threads building up and the stabiliser, it was getting tough pulling the needle through the fabric.


Because I wanted this to be a mixed media piece I decided to cut the fox out and place him on a lighter green fabric. This worked really well. I thought I could glue him down at first but that didn’t really work, partly because of all the threads in the back made it quite thick. Instead I stitched him to the green and I like this much more. I added some other fabric circles and then lightly sketched on some flowers before stitching. I used stem stitch and tried a new stitch with the gold thread called herringbone – I like this a lot! I think I need to do some practice stitches before my next piece.


I added cute mini buttons for texture and richness and overall am really happy with the way it came out. I’m enjoying the experimental aspect to my embroidery and in my next project I want to use ribbons.



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