New Dwellings

I’m back! And feeling much better after picking up a particularly nasty virus that has been going round recently. Loads of hot drinks, sleeping and soups helped. Since moving to my new place I have been trying to sort my room to make it super cosy, which is hard when you have so much art stuff like me and not much storage space!

Wall Collage
Wall Collage

I got a new bookcase and created two wall collages, one with my recent embroidery projects and the other I like to think of as my inspirational artists and pop culture wall. I have a much bigger room now and a lot of white space to fill so am thinking of things that inspire me.

New Friend
New Friend


I got a new plant to liven the room (and chat to!) and am going to make a rug using wool and a latch tool -I’m planning a post on that. I bought these cute box of watercolours today and a small watercolour pad, and I’m planning to design my next tattoo and thought watercolours were a great place to start for tiger-lilies and daisies. MollieMakes came out on Friday too and is celebrating 50 issues! I think it is my favourite magazine.

I’ve been working on my embroidery while I was unwell and I will be putting up a post on the hoop soon – this is the biggest hoop I’ve worked on and is going to be quite detailed. Exciting!

Another interest I am pursuing is developing my software skills in computer arts and I found I have a real interest in graphic design. As I studied film at university, I think I have a natural aptitude for interpreting images and this feels like a progression of that. I am finding Adobe Illustrator frustrating though, I have to think about making art in a completely different way and it is hard! I’ve been doing a small amount each evening mostly tracing pictures to get used to different tools, but it doesn’t come easily like textiles. But it is important to me to embrace the challenge and I intend to keep going.

That is it for an update, check out my latest post soon


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