Sea Life Embroidery


Here are two embroidery projects I’ve just finished.

Under the Sea

I thought a nautilus was perfect for the smaller hoop and loved the patterns on the shell which I tried to recreate. I used a running stitch and split stitch for this project and I focused in on the details and colours of the threads.


I love how the seahorse came out. I was going for my own design with the patterns, but kept the colours within the same family on its body. I love the gold thread but it is kind of awkward to stitch with, so just added a little to create dimension and interest. I looked at a lot of seahorse pictures and never really noticed before their spines or ridges which I found fascinating. I decided to go for opposite colours that were quite bright for some plants to give the image a nice balance.

seahorse I also tried some different stitches with this project, including whipped running stitch, coral stitch and a few stem stitches which I find good for curves. I think these two will look great with my other sea themed pieces, although I am still unpacking from moving house and I’ve been ill with some virus! Feeling better today so I hope to be back to full health pronto!

Going to plan my next project and practice new stitches!


6 comments on “Sea Life Embroidery

  1. Love the colours on the shell. And it works really well in circular frame format.

  2. Your work is beautiful. The sea creatures are fun and something different. I’ve enjoyed them all!

  3. bigbird34 says:

    The sea horse is adorable and I love the colors. Your getting really good!

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