Busy-ness Vs. Arty-ness

What a month I’m having! I’m in the process of moving house, busy at work and now I am coming down with the lurgie I thought I was able to avoid because I had a super human immune system! Wrong! Plus Janaury is always the long month after Christmas when you have to make your money stretch…. and I always see things I want to buy, like a desk for my new place!

While I’ve been sorting these things out, I have been doing a few crafty bits too, carrying on my sea theme embroidery with a nautilus and I just today started a seahorse I have been planning for a little while. I am getting into some digital skills as well and learning some creative software programs like InDesign and Illustrator, and once I get to grips with them I can combine my art and crafts and pimp up my blog!

I’ve been focusing a lot on textiles for probably five months now and want to get back into some printing and art journaling soon. I’ve been inspired by lots of artists on Pinterest and love the idea of making a really small journal myself and creating my own stamps. More an expressive journal than fixed images that I’ve been doing with the embroidery and a nice break from computer work.

Right now though I think I need to sleep, my head feels like a ton of bricks!

Laters x

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