The Love of Magazines

I’ve been having a love affair with magazines for years! And this is a problem when you live in one room and can’t be parted with them. When I was little I would even make my own magazines, although I spent so long on one I don’t think I really let anyone else have it.

The glossy nature and beautiful images always sucks me in when I browse magazines, especially art and craft ones. I am literally obsessed with Mollie Makes, I get excited when a new one is out! So much amazingness and things to make and see and do!

I think that is another thing I love about magazines; the promise of a new discovery, of new ideas and ways of seeing. I came across Cloth, Paper, Scissors about 5 months ago and is the first mixed media magazine I’ve found. I’ve been able to download it to my Nook since and that really saves on space!

Today I bought Her Vintage Life and an interesting magazine about branding, something I find fascinating and am learning more about. Thought I would share one of my inspirations, does anyone else have a similar obsession?

2 thoughts on “The Love of Magazines

  1. Oh! I totally know what you mean. I’m obsessed with magazines and have enough I could probably open up my own store. I love the publications from Stampington, my favorites being Artfull Blogging, Somerset Life, Art Journaling.

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