Christmas Markets in Manchester

I’ve wanted to take some pictures of the Christmas markets in Manchester city centre for a while and as my friend came up to visit, I thought this would be a great chance to do that before they go.

It is even bigger this year and there are lots of stalls to buy food and drink, bars, handmade pressies, decorations, and different kinds of cakes, sweets, breads, chocolates from different places…. I am obsessed with the sugarcoated nuts and had a mocha with cream!

I decided to make my own wrapping paper this year by drawing on parcel paper and dressing it up with pretty twine and washi tape. I think they look really good! Just got some gift bags to make as well and I will be ready. I’m going to my parents in Cambridge this year so will be taking my camera for some crazy family and sibling photo opportunities! Going to show my sisters how to needle felt while I’m away and looking forward to going back South for a few days and see old friends.

Hope everyone gets to have a peaceful and enjoyable break this Christmas.

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