Needle Felting Critters… And Pain!


I’ve wanted to try this for ages! And I admit I was frustrated at first because my creations weren’t as good as I wanted. Duh! The two owls were my first try at animals, then the bunny which I think is OK but a bit square!

I’ve been doing first aid training for work this week for three days and was exhausted! Which may also be the reason I stabbed myself with this felting pen – major ouch!! I could practice my skills on myself!

I picked the pen up at Fred Aldus and was delighted when my gorgeous wool and pretty eyes arrived from Etsy – by Gretel ParkerΒ they are just so cute. The pen has three needles and makes it easier to felt things into shape. I use single needles for smaller areas, but you can take needles out of the pen.

Looking up needle felting creatures online I saw some zombies which inspired my green creature and then the orange one! Not sure what happened to his mouth…. I might try doing details with embroidery floss next.

I really recommend needle felting if you love crafts, it is really fun and you can make pretty much anything πŸ™‚

4 comments on “Needle Felting Critters… And Pain!

  1. pisscaravan says:

    Your critters make me smile every time I see them, now you’re making them in three dimensions they’ve practically come to life! Well done on the first aid course too! πŸ™‚

  2. papict says:

    You really can turn your hand to anything! I’m a big zombie nut and have probably sold more zombie ink drawings than anything else so, of course, I love your felt zombies. My kids would love the owls. I think my favourite though is the rabbit. The very blockiness you don’t like actually appeals to me.

    • Haha! I’m glad you like the zombies these were such fun to make. I’m already planning more πŸ™‚ I seem to pick craft things up after a few goes, maybe because I enjoy it. I listen to music or a podcast and find making so theraputic.

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