Time For Tea & a Little Bird…

Embroidering has become my newest craft obsession of late and I’ve been sketching ideas down before I begin them on the hoop. I’m really pleased with this bird and tea cup I’ve just finished – I made it for a friend and I know she will be delighted! I even covered the back with some felt to give it a nice finish.

My next embroidery project is quite the challenge – my largest hoop yet and on black fabric. I have the idea of jellyfish and in my mind it seems like it will work – lets hope I can translate it onto the fabric! I also got this hoop clamp for my table so I can free up both hands and not hold the hoop in my right hand and sew with the left! Genius.

And lastly, some cute brooches which have become my latest obsession!

Happy crafting everyone 🙂

2 thoughts on “Time For Tea & a Little Bird…

  1. Your bird and tea cups design is adorable and very well executed. I love it. Some time when I have more free time in my life (empty nester perhaps) I may just have to try applique and embroidery again as you are inspiring me.

    1. Thank you! The best compliments are always that I inspire people 🙂 I think it is the trying of anything creative that is just so good for everyone. It boosts your mood to make something with your hands 🙂

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