Halloween Weekend!

Halloween was really fun AND I had Friday off! We went to see The Book of Life, carved pumpkins and used the insides to make pumpkin pie, we watched trashy horror films including the original Fly and the 70s Invasions of the Bodysnatchers (which is still amazing). I’ve got The Rocky Horror Pictureshow and Basketcase to watch!

Saturday was a little bit more normal weekend, a bit of shopping when I got this cute scarf (it has cameras printed on it) some star earrings as well as general shopping.

I’ve been watching the Danish show The Killing recently and Sunday was a baking day where I tried my hand at cake pops… they taste great but where too mushy to stay on the sticks! I used muffin mix so that is possibly why. And I am about to start a new embroidery project of a jellyfish šŸ˜€

Hope everyone had a great Halloween!

5 thoughts on “Halloween Weekend!

  1. I love your pumpkins. What did you think of Book of Life? I was thinking of taking my kids to see it for my birthday but six cinema tickets is a big investment and I found the trailer a bit disappointing so knowing whether it’s worth bothering would be appreciated.

    1. Well I really enjoyed it! I thought it looked gorgeous and lots of attention to detail. The story is nice too, set in Mexico about the day of the dead. There were quite a few kids in the cinema and the film also has some cute animals so I definitely would recommend šŸ™‚

      1. Thank you! I think i might well take them on that basis then. We are all Dia de los Meurtos fans so love how it looked but it is good to know the story is actually engaging.

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