Hearts & Badges

I love trying new things to make. And once I get an idea in my brain it doesn’t really leave. So I bought a Badge It machine because I really wanted to make my own badges – and ‘professional’ ones are like £200! OMG it is so much fun. I’ve only done some of the ones that came with the kit but learning some of the design software at work means I will soon make my own cute badges! Woooo!

I am also obsessing over hearts at the moment and found this cute bundle of fabrics. I am using this for my next embroidery project. It is horrible, rainy and dark outside now so that means more time indoors making stuff!

4 thoughts on “Hearts & Badges

  1. My now 9 year old got that exact same badge machine for his 7th birthday and loved it. Loved. It. He and his brothers made so many custom badges, we burned through lots of refill packs. Sadly it was one of the things we sold when we emigrated. He’s desperately wanting a replacement. I might see what Santa says.

  2. Love them! I know what you mean about getting stuck on something. I have always wanted to try to make the bottle cap necklaces. I’m an adult but I think they are so cute.

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