A Little Reflection on Art

Wow, October sneaked up fast! Not long left of the year, which has made me reflect a little on all the projects I’ve done and the ones I’ve wanted to try. I seem to forget how productive I can be!

I started the year still really into art journaling and got my smaller A5 dylusions journal which I still love. I was also doing a lot of mixed media projects in Spring like my Printer’s Tray and Steampunk themed shadow box. I like to come up with a theme then collect all my materials for that.

I turned 30 which was actually really fun and not long after in May began to take my photography more seriously. I got a lovely little camera for my birthday and did some reading about photography and how to take better photos. I still love this and plan to do more.

I must have felt pretty confident by then because I started writing advice and tutorials for crafty projects. In June I turned my hand at carving my own stamps with lino and creating art journal pages with my own designs.

By July I had decided to try fabric pens, which are really fun. I still have lots of ideas for them! My love of all textiles continued as I started to teach myself embroidery, and decided to buy textile paint and wooden blocks (still to come!).

My more recent projects will be felting, which I have wanted to try for ages. Plus, I am still doing my photography and experiementing with different ways to capture my work.

In a more technical sense, I have started learning Adobe InDesign which was frustrating at first but now I am enjoying it. I see it being a useful skill to combine with my photography and art projects.

And finally, I have had loads of great comments on my posts which makes my day – thanks! I guess it shows that I love a creative challenge, I love to learn new things and express myself with different materials. I also like to combine things and see what happens. Art is about experiementing as much as anything else and is a great place to do that – it is the enjoyment from doing as the finished design and whenever I feel stuck, I have to remind myself.

2 thoughts on “A Little Reflection on Art

  1. Hello! Lovely to see your beautiful embroidery. Did you make it with materials from the Make It shop? If so, I would love to share it on our FB page and mention this. You can delete my comment so it doesn’t look like I’m trying to promote the shop on your blog – though you’re welcome to promote it (every little helps!).
    I’m liking the look of your badge-maker. I was thinking of getting one for the shop and am especially interested in fabric badges. Have you experimented with that?
    Thanks! Danielle

    1. Hi Danielle, thanks for your comment! I did get some of the material and hoops from Make It and I’ve been telling people about the shop cause I love it!

      I shall look on Facebook as well and share my new love of embroidery!
      I’ve had the fabric button thing for ages but only recently got the badge maker – it is really good and so much fun! I got it on Amazon but is really good for kids toy πŸ™‚

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