Hearting Embroidery!

Yep, it is my new obsession right now people! I’m actually poorly as well, so I’ve been finishing this bird project. I based it off one of my art journal pages. Really like how he turned out. I love the gold thread I found, BUT it is hard to stitch with. It frays and you have to constantly pull all the threads before tying it off. This puts a lot of tension on the fabric.

I also found this Button Factory box I got a couple of years ago while I was tidying my room. I have some ideas for embroidering fabric buttons πŸ™‚

I prefer this size hoop as it is easier to work with, although the little ones are really cute when finished. Being ill is boring, I am off to sleep some more and hopefully get rid of this cold so then I start a new hoop…


10 thoughts on “Hearting Embroidery!

  1. Cool Assortment of Buttons and Nice Bird Embroidery. The turn out really is nice. Feel better soon!

  2. The bird is a wonderful success. You must be very pleased with it. So gold thread is as challenging to work with as gold ink then. Good to know for if I ever decide to pursue sewing beyond minor clothing repairs and making my kids sock monsters.

    1. Thanks! Yeah, even though the gold is lovely and reflects the light, it is very frustrating. I only used a little bit because of that. Need to think of a new idea to try out new stitches I think πŸ˜€

    1. Thank you for your comment! I’ve been interested in sewing and textitles for ages but wanted to try embroidery so when I saw some hoops in a local craft shop I got a couple and just gave it a go. I’ve improved really quickly which is partly why I enjoy it so much I think. I like to take on a challenege too, so I just sketched an idea out and started to stitch πŸ™‚

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