New Ventures in Embroidery…

My current craft obsession has been embroidery hoops and I’ve been getting frustrated that my ideas in my head don’t yet match my embroidery skills! Duh!

I’ve included my first few tries as I get to grips with the stitches and it actually hasn’t taken me too long to improve A LOT! I love the small hoops but didn’t realise that without a solid idea, they would be harder to stitch. And, unlike my stream of consciousness drawings, you kind of have to plan what image you want to embroider, even if the stitches are just done on the fly.

Ps. A few other gems from the weekend šŸ˜€

6 thoughts on “New Ventures in Embroidery…

  1. I love the pink / red one with the dragonfly in particular. I think for a novice you are doing a brilliant job. I can sew on buttons, take up hems and make sock monkeys and that is as stretched as my sewing abilities get so I am very impressed.

  2. Do you draw your ideas on first? There is some embroidery fabric you can get that you place over the work and when you’ve finished you add a bit of water and it dissolves and leaves behind the work šŸ˜€

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