Fun With Fabric Pens – Tutorial

finished doodle bagGetting my lovely Nook recently (which I’m obsessed with) meant I needed some kind of case, but was pretty disappointed with the choices. I picked up a plain grey pouch to keep it in and had an irresistible urge to make it pretty. This gave me the excuse to buy some fabric pens and doodle some designs!

 Drawing on fabric has been floating in the back of my brain for ages, since I saw this amazing doodled pattern on a skirt. The best thing about this project is that is really cheap and you have loads of control over the design.

fabric suppliesSupplies

  • An Iron
  • Fabric Pens
  • Fabric – I used a tote bag
  • An Idea or Design

fabric bagTo begin with, iron your fabric. This makes it easier to draw onto.

fabric bag2Chose your main pen colour and sketch out your idea or design. I wanted mine to be very free and just doodled some swirls onto the fabric.

fabric bag 3I continued to develop and embellish my doodle, adding colours and flourishes. You can do anything you want – go nuts!

Once you are happy with your design, iron to set the pens and you are done! Let me know if you try this!

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