Art Journal ~ Minimal Colour

ChameleonI love how this page turned out. I actually did it in over a few days, starting with covering the page with modeling paste and using the end of a paintbrush to mark it before it dried.

A day later I thought it would be a good base for acrylic so used a blue and white and pretty much blobbed them randomly onto the page, mixing with a paintbrush. I wasn’t careful and made it quite thick.

I left that to dry and was busy over the weekend, but came back to the page and wanted to go for an image that I hadn’t done before. I was looking through my Pinterest boards when I saw one on lizards – I found my inspiration!

I used my favourite Pocsa Pens in navy and light blue, black and silver, sketching it out first then adding detail in a zentangle style. I wonder if I am moving towards a new style?


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