Art Journals – Texture

journal texture page

I had a few days off which I thought would be a good opportunity to start the art journal pages challenge I set myself, and this one was to make a page heavy with texture. Sometimes it is hard to just pick up materials and not really think about where to put them, but I consciously decided that the page would be layers of textures first and the image would come later.

I used some decoupage for one side of the page, covering it with glue and adding torn up patterned pieces. The other side I used gesso for some depth and added a mixture of orange, copper and purple acrylic paints. I added some black stamped images, then melted gold embossing powder into some of the stamps. I used superglue to stick down some chipboard hearts, sequins and tiny plastic stars. I also added a yellow button and then doodled across it with Posca pens.

This was really fun! I love playing with different materials and giving myself permission to do this without a fixed idea of what I wanted to create. It also helped stir new ideas for more pages which was the main reason for my challenges. I’m looking forward to the next page.

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