Carving Stamps!

I’ve only just begun to try this and now I think about it, it seems strange seeing as I love mixed media art so much. I got a few pieces of lino and a carving tool with 5 different blades from the art shop last week, but didn’t start til last night. I didn’t have much of a plan, just drew a swirly shape onto the lino and began carving.

It is super relaxing as you focus on how you want your image to look. It also forces you to think differently about your art because you are taking away to reveal the image, whereas a lot of other materials I use you are building up the image.

I have lot of ideas on where to go with these, and I love how it adds a new dimension to my art. While I love bought stamps there is something more personal and unscripted about creating something yourself.

2 thoughts on “Carving Stamps!

  1. I’ve come to this the other way round. I’ve been block-printing for years but only just embarked on mixed media and I – like you – had the epiphany that I could carve my own stamps. It’s fun and you can make something that is truly you too.

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